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Forest Fish

forest fish

Another fun one for VincentNijman, of him as a "forest fish".  Pfft who am I kidding they're all fun XD

So the keywords were "forest fish" and he also wanted his bespectacled face on it.  I'm not great at real people but gave it a shot, and also incorporated axolotl tail and feathery bits bcause that was the first thing that came to mind when we were talking about a fish that likes to go for long walks through the forest.  What we have here is a river giant Selkie, probably 2.5m tall give or take, who loves going for long walks in the jungley areas beside his river.  His eyes are better suited to underwater so he wears glasses when above.


AER crowd character: BMJbok


Alternate title: Basketbok.

Why yes I can actually do portraits in portrait.  It just required flipping numbers in my render settings and I am nothing if not incredibly lazy.

Everything that is remotely to do with a springbok now has the suffix -bok.  And bmj and jackmiller managed to replace a well known and widely used cuss word with "bok" as well which made for an amusing conversation.

Perhaps I should have done a rugby ball but basketball got stuck in my head as nathanmj is mad keen about it and I vaguely recall bmj saying something about coaching but I don't know if the two ideas were actually related.  I think this guy is almost a treebok and not just because of the horns or the different picture orientation.  Reckon he'll just about stand eye to eye with some of my taller Dragonkin.


AER crowd character: DollaGoat

wall running upgoat

Sorry dolla, you're now a goat XD (but let me know if you'd rather be something else)

I really wanted to do a variation of the upgoat footer for his Bounce upgoats, and "wall-running upgoat" was a concept firmly embedded in my mind...pretty much since then.  And this was how that ended up.

I'm currently not sure whether the eye markings are staying or whether they'll go and the nose marking will get bigger.

And when I get around to 3d-ing these characters I am so doing a short anim of dolla and Ninj racing.

Also, I even remembered to sign this one.


AER crowd character: Pineapple Angel

pineapple angel

I have long nicknamed whatamidoing "pineapple" due to the avatar, and when I put out the call to see who wanted to make cameos as crowd character we were bantering back and forth about how I was going to do theirs a pineapple hairdo and they responded back something along the lines of "pineapple angel", which meant as far as I was concerned a fruity Avian.

There's no pineapple coloured birds that I'm aware of so I went with something parrotish and a crested eagle crest (actual feathers on the crest rather than the fine silky feathers that's more common for Avians).

Had to have him sunning his wings as I found out the hard way that Avians probably can't sit on the ground (but crouching seems to be all right from previous playing when I was rigging).

I love doing these XD


AER crowd character: DJ Kubby

DJ Kubby

So I started drawing, and I got carried away with a girl with a short skirt and looooooooooong jacket, and I love drawing long unrestrained hair, and then there was pink.  Soooooo muuuuuuuuch pink.  But my shadow layer was on multiply and it was making everything look so desaturated, I wanted it to be a little bit more vibrant so switched it to an overlay.  Ack! Be careful what you wish for! But we have bright colours.

And then I remembered, KubbyElizabeth said kangaroo with a mohawk.  [headdesk]

I'll fix that up with an amendment sketch that I'll group with Boomy's later on down the track (he needs tattoos, may be a Clan Flyer).


AER crowd character: BOOM!


The relentlessly hilarious @meesterboom requested a Dragonkin with a mohawk, no colour preference.  It was so, so very difficult not to give him a hot pink mohawk.  Gave him an extra long ratty but no tattoos as I'm not sure if he's a Tribe Flyer or not.  If he is I think one of the tattoos is going to be blue stripes like in Braveheart:

blue face paint from Braveheart


Sketchy for approval.



AER crowd character: Ninjaroo

Ninjaroo sketch

Ninjaroo is thoroughly going to be his official nym.

I've recently decided to open my $10 Patreon tier to people on steem who regularly interact with me or are on the Team Australia and Be Awesome Discord channels.  @aussieninja asked to be a ninja kangaroo, which meant lithe agile little gray wallaby.  All ninjas wear headbands with medallions right? XD The ninja balaclava is down around his neck for the moment because I wanted to draw his face (I did originally have it up like he probably would do when playing parkour chasey).

Sketch ref for approval.


85% beaver - phelimint

phelimint 85% beaver

So @phelimint once posted an old Tinder photo and it went a little bit viral in the #teamaustralia community.  From memory he had spiky hair and was wearing suspenders and holding a chainsaw.

Chainsaw -> lumberjack -> beavers -> this.

I swear it was perfectly logical at the time.

Foreshortening is forever my sworn nemesis.


Come on in, the water's fine! :D


Special request for @kubbyelizabeth! And a reminder of what happens when fyn gets carried away with ideas ;D

I've done progblogs for this one so just included detail shots, though can do the whole shebang in one if that's what people want.  Additionally there was supposed to be a process video for this but my computer crashed while I was recording one of the sessions which corrupted that video so I spat it and gave up on that one.





Water's Fine progblog #3

Last progblog I'd finished light and shadow 1.  I hoped I could get light and shadow 2 done in one session.  I did get there eventually XD

steem-mers light and shadow 2

Light and shadow 3 should theoretically go a little bit quicker as they're kind of emphasis layers.  I'll decide then whether they're high enough to do caustics, at this stage I'm likely to bail as doing caustics on this many characters feels a little bit daunting.  Hoping to knock this one off tomorrow, but that will depend on what else is happening tomorrow.