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[updated 0001D04c | 2014 Mar 18]

What gets collected


The site will attempt to set a cookie on access.  It stores whether your browser is capable of/allowing javascript, actions taken on javascript tables, and is also used to remember form settings (such as your contact details if you comment anonymously).  It can be safely rejected without losing site functionality.

IP address

The site logs ip addresses for a little while.  About the only time I would look is if I'm getting harrassed by law enforcement with a warrant or three and a reason I consider legitimate.  If you're concerned about your IP being tracked, consider something like Tor.


You don't have to provide your real name or any “name” at all.  If you don't provide one you will simply be labelled as an Anonymous user (which I may change the label of at times to whatever I find amusing).


You do not have to provide your email address unless you wish to use a gravatar associated with your email address and/or subscribe to comments.  It is not publicly displayed anywhere or used for anything else.


If you provide your website address, your name will be magically transformed into a link to your website.

External link markers

Any link marked with the external link icon (an arrow pointing out of a square) will take you to a website which was up and running at the time of linking.  I am not responsible for the content or appearance of external websites (unless the site is a bekandloz site in which case we're at least partially responsible for how it looks and some of the content if The Designer wrote the copy), so please exercise caution when following links.

Anonymous user statistics

This site uses Piwik to collect various pieces of data which are anonymised as much as possible to make it difficult for you personally to be identified by the pieces you contributed.  This site honours Do Not Track so if you wish to opt out of being tracked, please enable Do Not Track in your browser preferences.  For better control or visiblity of what scripts are being run on what websites and on your browser and what's potentially tracking your activity, have a look at my Fortifox collection for Firefox.