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April ProgBlog #2

Finally got all the stupid hair guides sorted and grouped, time for some expression testing!

Red expression test

Which also gives me a chance to fix weight maps.  The auto-weight mapping does a pretty decent job, but it's not perfect and touchups around the place are usually required (like for some insane reason half the innermost wing membrane was associated with the little finger why).


Blender notes: curve guides for particle hair and bonus hair colour without making separate emitter geometry

Add the hair in the usual fashion.

Hair setup screenie

By default the hair will just sprout wherever.  To restrict it to a certain part of the mesh, create a vertex group in vertex paint mode, and then use the group you created as a density map (found at the bottom of the particle panel).


April ProgBlog #1

I still haven't worked out whether it's better to keep a regular update even if it's "I'm an idiot and got stuck again" or just not say anything if I'm that stuck.

So after combing the hair into the right shape, I found out a few things.


AER crowd character: LordHyena

LordNigel the Hyena Evolved

Hyenas tend to be punks or warriors or punk warriors and I was pretty tempted but nope because it's LORD Nigel, that called for a civil, classy hyena.

He may end up with ear piercings down the line.


March ProgBlog #3

Last week was working on pants and boots (and getting to use some fabric normals and a leather material some kind souls made available on Blendswap):

Screenshot 20180324 134447

trying to wrangle the hair into several hair ties (it was supposed to be tied with a cord but I finally got it through my thick skull that it wouldn't stay, even when I did have long hair I didn't do anything interesting with it, so I'm going to claim total stupidity ignorance and too much anime on my part there!):


AER March ProgBlog #2

Currently all about hair and pants.

I did the pants first to procrastinate the hair.

tail-pants-01   tail-pants-02


Forest Fish

forest fish

Another fun one for VincentNijman, of him as a "forest fish".  Pfft who am I kidding they're all fun XD

So the keywords were "forest fish" and he also wanted his bespectacled face on it.  I'm not great at real people but gave it a shot, and also incorporated axolotl tail and feathery bits bcause that was the first thing that came to mind when we were talking about a fish that likes to go for long walks through the forest.  What we have here is a river giant Selkie, probably 2.5m tall give or take, who loves going for long walks in the jungley areas beside his river.  His eyes are better suited to underwater so he wears glasses when above.


AER March ProgBlog #1

Lame excuse: I haven't done a progblog forever because I got well and truly stuck redoing the prehensile tail rig, but I think I've fixed it now, and made it work (to some value of work) with the pitchipoy rig (the spline and its controllers are actually on their own rig, but the spline controllers are copying the location of some controllers that are on the pitchipoy rig with additional thingies to keep them from moving too far from each other, feels a bit convoluted but it works).


Maybe specify the action (nsfw inside)

how i met your mother

jedau requested an "action shot" of Aurelius.  It may have also been a pencil sketch request but I was doing so many scribbly pen coloured ones I kind of got carried away.  Oops :S

The nsfw one was actually the first one to jump into my gutter mind but after joking about it while trying to work out what kind of action shot Jed had in mind, I said I didn't think I was ready for another one yet, and turned my attention to the first one.

The basic idea was "how I met your mother" (so this scene would happen a bit before the block I'm currently working on), theme song is Owl City: Bird with a Broken Wing.


AER crowd character: BMJbok


Alternate title: Basketbok.

Why yes I can actually do portraits in portrait.  It just required flipping numbers in my render settings and I am nothing if not incredibly lazy.

Everything that is remotely to do with a springbok now has the suffix -bok.  And bmj and jackmiller managed to replace a well known and widely used cuss word with "bok" as well which made for an amusing conversation.

Perhaps I should have done a rugby ball but basketball got stuck in my head as nathanmj is mad keen about it and I vaguely recall bmj saying something about coaching but I don't know if the two ideas were actually related.  I think this guy is almost a treebok and not just because of the horns or the different picture orientation.  Reckon he'll just about stand eye to eye with some of my taller Dragonkin.