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July/August homeschool miscellany

July and August were a bit of a blur as some not fantastic events occurred which monopolised my thought processes.  We got reacquainted with death when my last two cats died within two weeks of each other (the one before had died Christmas last year and we had also lost a guinea pig recently).  There were some extended family dramas which didn't involve us directly which fortunately resolved before getting down and dirty with the legal system became necessary rather than advisable.  Sprat was up for the semester break which is always great and the kids and I had lots of interesting conversations.  Unfortunately I can't remember any of them.


silvergoldbotty sketch ideas

botty sketchies #1

Superquick sketch ideas for @silvergoldbotty (who is a bot).  The first two are different types of retro android, the third one is a more humanoid android that will have gold hair and silver skin if it's sitting on a gold stack and vice versa if it's a silver stack, and will be sprinkling symbols of other currencies of upvotes or something.


85% rat - ratticus

ratticus 85% rat

Like I could ever go past doing something like this without doing one of my favourite @ratticus XP I was trying to draw him being a chef flipping a pancake but apparently I had to draw him reading because that's how it wanted to be drawn.  I may have muffed the book perspective but I'm really happy with how the cute little rat paws turned out so there.


85% dog - Gohba

Gohba 85% dog

Think this might be closer to 87-88%, but anyway.  Last couple of weeks has been insane so work on this was very start/stop.  But I usually get there in the end ;)


85% cat - artwatch

artwatch 85% cat

A request from @artwatch for an 85% cat with the appearance of her beloved Freckles.  "Evil" and "creepy" were used in the description.  The cat is called Freckles because he has two freckles on his nose but I wasn't sure if they were only the actual nose (where I put them, you may have to squint) or on the muzzle in general.


85% hare - choogirl

Choo hare!

@choogirl likes the 85% cats but prefers dogs to cats.  She is also vegan and does crossfit and yoga, and I drew her ChooXena character from steemlords as a rabbit.  @choogirl is also badass and hares are so much more badass than rabbits.  I mean if I saw a rabbit on the track I would keep walking, it would hop away.  If I saw this thing on the track


I would be wary!

So obviously she had to be an 85% hare.


85% cat - Arlycat!


@bearone requested an 85% cat and sent a ref of "Cat 2" aka Fluffy.  So here's a short haired Arlycat leapfrogging a ball with the face of Arlybear (which was the first thing I drew her as back in the steemwars days so many moons ago XP).

Also I think this one is a bit closer to 90% cat but who's counting XD


85% cat - KubbyElizabeth


@kubbyelizabeth wanted a cat with more pink so I made one with more pink and for some reason a pose I am utterly unfamiliar with o_O Another 85% cat with insanely long tail XD


85% cat

GoldenArms 85% cat

Today I learned that my last "acceptable jpg" settings in Krita needed to be completely flipped to be acceptable now, and @goldenarms learned what happens when fyn gets triggered by random things in chat.  Both the hard way of course XD


So I did this super quick sketch:



Stars Glow

Zara and Megan chilling looking at the stars

Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you
Go see the world coz it's all so brand new
Don't close your eyes coz your future is ready to shine
It's just a matter of time before we learn how to fly
Welcome to the rhythm of the night
There's something in the air you can't deny...

- Owl City: When Can I See You Again

Saving as a png ate my colours again.  I really need a 16bit image format that browsers can understand.