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January/February/March Homeschooling Miscellany

If you know that I only clump months if at least one of them has been quiet/lazy what does this tell you? XD

I also did it at the end of last year I hope that didn't set a precedent >_>


!schooling from whenever til now

Due to stuff (some it was the parents coming up to visit for a couple of weeks, some is that business has picked up dramatically), I haven't been keeping track of the homeschooly stuff.  Also we've been finding better things to do than sitting and doing bookwork, so it's a really good thing that's not the core of our homeschooling program (I need to write one of those for next year by the way, and also a booklist).  So here's some photos of things it occurred to me to point a camera at.

Making seed paper


Skate ramp tests and the first honey harvest

The skate ramp is skatable!

Skater almost silhouette

Okay so this is a slightly older picture but it was a good opener :P

All but one of the backs are up (the thing that will prevent skaters and skateboards from ending up in the raised bed or in the neighbour's yard) and the whole thing is now covered in both layers of skin and has been reinforced and all those good things.  Now it just needs a paint job (and I know someone who is good at painting that I would like to rope in to help).

Testing the skate ramp properly

Little Big Boy getting used to the ramp


Chicklet season at Wannabe

First 11 chicklets of the season have hatched.  Few more clutches coming.

Japanese bantam cross with three chicks

There's a blue chicklet!

Pekin bantam cross in The Brooder with a chick

This one was smart and set up in The Brooder

Aracauna cross blended family

Two mums and their babies (yes they are co-parenting).  There's also a black naked neck chicklet under the foreground hen.


Aquaponics Father's Day Fish Feast

Happy Father's Day to all the people that do Father's Day!

We had Josh's dad, my uncle and one of my cousins over for lunch.  My uncle offered to cook the fish so we pulled 6 trout out of the tanks.  I've been observing that some of them were pretty big when feeding them, and one of the ones that Tao pulled up was quite large.

Big rainbow trout from the aquaponics tank

Big rainbow trout from the aquaponics tank, being held by father in law and patted by 3 year old


Life and !schooling in 2012

Apparently there was a bit of a kerfuffle in the moderator department, which meant I completely forgot about the moderation until the new moderator rocked up on my door towards the end of my work period.  Oops.  Fortunately I work from home and can make up hours easy, and I hadn't gone out to pick up my shiny new computer yet, though I had gotten dressed to do so.  So all she saw was that my place is a mess, which is about normal and I don't clean up for anyone!

We chatted and she seems like a nice person.  I gave her enough information to write a happy report and get us approved for another year.  She also sent me the literacy outcomes to help with the learning program which I have only just worked out that I do actually have (I'm a bit slow, I seem to do a lot of things because they make sense or because I need to do them to do other things etc and never realise they are processes that have names or that I'm implementing a program).

So what's been happening around here, we've managed to cram a bit into the couple of weeks we've been back.


Insects and a gappy boy

It's all happening.  The garden is going nuts, we're going to go through a stage of not having to buy so many veges, and we're turning into those old people that like pottering around their gardens (though I don't do much of any garden work as I seem to have a knack for killing plants).

This morning, as we were going around to see how the garden was going (the zuchinni is huge, all zuchinni plants have gotten bigger since the last post), when we encountered this fellow practising kung fu on a mulberry leaf:

Praying mantis doing kung fu

Mantis kung fu!


I think one of my roosters is possessed

Black naked neck cross rooster closeup

This one crowed directly outside the window and sounded like he'd been recorded and some sound technicians had remixed and resampled it and added some reverb and echo and all that (can you tell I don't know anything about sound?) and played back what a demonic possessed rooster would sound like if a film maker ever had need of a demonic possessed rooster crowing.


Photos. Lots of them.

Not quite intelligent enough for a coherent post, so have lots of captioned photos instead.

kids storyboarding on a storyboard template

Homeschooling art and English: storyboarding with Mummy (who was working on AR storyboards)


Photos from the garden

A friend introduced the kids to the My Little Pony remake some time ago and with the starting of this blog post this song stuck in my brain (had no help whatsoever from the kids watching it a few times ;).

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic "Winter Wrap Up"

So I'm a bit late for "tomorrow spring is here", we're about halfway through the first month of spring as humans like to count it.  I think spring came a bit earlier than September.  As far as I'm concerned it's spring when the weather and the flowers say it's spring.

Speaking of flowers, our plum tree is looking rather pretty.

Plum flower

Flowers on the plum tree