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Here comes a Ru, walking walking...

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 August 2007 @ 6:44pm
Blatting about
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[imported from livejournal and backdated]

Very small small girl stood up yesterday. She's been able to stand by herself for longer periods of time lately, but only after pulling up on something else. Yesterday she spent 5 minutes standing all by herself while gnawing on a banana with her two chompers.

Josh reckons she'll be walking soon.

Yesterday she stood up by herself, unfortunately I missed it but Heather saw it, she'd followed Jasper and Heather up to the other end of the house on a toilet trip, I had Tao on the boob at the time. Apparently Ru had rocked back on her feet (I noticed she'd been crawling on her hands and feet occasionally, rather than hands and knees) and stood herself up.

Josh said "Oh no!" quite playfully, thinking of two highly mobile children.

Also yesterday Tao shocked me, I was changing his nappy on the change table when he requested one of the Snappies. I grabbed one for him while I was cleaning him up and prepping a nappy. He kept repeating "doubleyoo doubleyoo dot nappytip." Jokingly I responded " Is that a website?"

"No," he responded, looking at me like I'm slightly mad, "doubleyoo doubleyoo nappytip," while pointing at the nappy clip.

"URLs have three Ws," I informed him.

"No," he said very slowly like he's speaking to someone who is incredibly dense (such as his mother), then turned the nappy clip around so I could see the claws on it, pointed to them and said "doubleyoo doubleyoo nappytip."

I stopped. I thought. The claws did knd of look like Ws when you turned them around. "When the hell did you start recognising letters?"

He's making an effort, we went to the zoo today and he was trying really hard to read the letters on the signs. Sounded like he was getting some of them right too.

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