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June ProgBlog #1

posted on: Friday, 7 June 2019 @ 10:19pm in

Those tiny little leg scales are very fiddly and I have three and a half more legs and then pretty much the entire tail section still to go x_x

shiny dragon scales wip in 3d Coat

The body scales are a lot easier!

I’ve tested replacing the outline with a flat multiply layer and it didn’t look good and I also managed to lose some vibrancy (I’m actually using the same colours in each section, just the flats have no glossiness or metalness and the glossy bits do) so that idea went flying out the window. My next experiment will be just doing shadow on a multiply layer. If that fails too then I’ll just have to leave the scale outline on because currently it looks a hell of a lot better with than without (and I don’t want to leave the outline on because reasons).

Witchies is looking much better with shadow 3 going on. Light 3 shouldn’t take too long (the last light and shadow are normally pretty quick but there’s a lot of fur in this one as well which changes things, least no particularly long hair aside from PLAITS aaaaargh XD) then it’s the fire light and shadow and then some light overlays and then hopefully I don’t hate it after the cooldown period.

witchies painting in krita wip screenie

A new version of Krita is out and while I could just go ahead and download and play with it I’m lazy and like auto updates so I’m waiting patiently for the updated package to hit my repos. A couple of people on deviantART seem pretty happy with it so far. I’ll just wait and see if I end up playing with it towards the end of this piece or from the next one onwards XD

The For Sale sign that was in front of the house went away recently and along with some slightly better sleep it’s been pretty amazing for my brain space. JJ and I are now pretty much on the same page as far as renovation and the non-removal of the trees goes (but I’ve agreed to the widowmaker coming out) and everything is great.