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Blender 3.1 notes: using texture maps for particle hair

First, set up the hair particle system with enough to see what you’re doing. In the UV Editing tab, create a new image and change the Colour Space to Non-Colour. Save the image either with Alt+S or using the Image menu. In the particles tab, select the particle system you want to use the texture for, then scroll down to Textures. Create a new texture in one of the slots.

November ProgBlog #3: out of whack

I have done literally nothing on either project since the last progblog. This time I got distracted choreographing a “fight” scene for the big boys. And because I’m a bit extra it’s easier to visualise, I 3d’d it. It’s mostly just positioning I’m visualising as I’m just going to tell the children my ideas, though I’ve casually expanded to seeing if I can still animate flips (the answer is yes and I really should have started parenting to empties a lot earlier, I went through an overly long period of time where I was going out of my way to avoid adding extra things into the scene in a bid to make things less cluttered and confusing, but it’s a lot easier to snap an empty to a surface and I find it a lot easier to just use the root bone when there’s drastic position changes such as inverting).

June ProgBlog #2: Blender 2.92 notes - udim tiles

Alternate title: udim bulb. That’s my poor attempt at a play on words, not mapping a bulb using udims x_x I definitely feel like a dim bulb at the moment. I borked something severely while messing around with multiple single tile 8k maps, udim tiles with and without 8k tiles, and an add-on that bakes to udim tiles in preparation for this very progblog and ended up doing fun things to the ram

Did someone say dino nuggets?

Did a shenanigans comic for Silly Season Shenanigans for a change partly because it’s been a while since I did a comic and mostly because this happened on Christmas Day. I really need to find out what’s going on with Linux Krita (unless the problem has been fixed in the system update/s that will probably be waiting for me when we get back to Perth), as exporting to jpg with MacOS Krita is working exactly as it’s supposed to.

Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light

Too many gloomydoomers on my hive feed plus listening to Owl City: Shooting Star on loop results in fyn taking too long a break from retopo (this while mildly indfuriating is perfectly normal as fyn usually has to do what art brain says or bad things happen). So this is my “it will be okay, keep going, you’re doing great, we can make things better” because doing this kind of thing is easier than talking XP

May ProgBlog #3: Blender 2.8 notes - cloth sim

Progblog is actually late because I decided to combine it with a Blender notes and it took the better part of forever x_x Make a collider. Some people do it by decimating a copy of the character. I made one by my old Blender retopo method of edge modelling with mirror and shrinkwrap modifiers (which took way, way, way longer than it should have because I kept stopping, procrastinating and whining all the way through it, much like my children with the much hated bookwork) and remembered why I bought 3d Coat.


Twilight is exasperated about all the stupidity going on with the tron guy. I was that annoyed that I couldn’t concentrate on stuff I was supposed to be doing so I decided to see if there were any cecaelia in AER because if I have dragonfly, butterfly and moth little people (no beetles though, and there are little Avians and Dragonkin, but they’re all quite rare) then there are probably octopus and eel mers (the only ones I was aware of were cetaceans and fish).

March ProgBlog #1: drama

I missed my Tuesday ko-fi update because there was a huge kerfuffle on steem. I had nothing to do with it (didn’t participate or contribute anything aside from using the rest of my witness votes) because it was way over my head and out of my league. It annoyed me enough that concentrating on anything important was hard so I did what I usually try to do if able when annoyed and drew.


13yo really hates spiders. Even microscopic ones. “Why do they have to move?” XD The spider in question in this case was a tiny little thing just visible to the naked eye that was crawling along the esky lid as we were getting ready to go to a barbeque. This work by ryivhnn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Common confusion

Amusement while I was walking the dog. When you’re somewhat androgynous, this is a thing that happens frequently. I enjoy it way too much. Especially when there are small children who are too young to realise some questions are apparently “inappropriate” and flat out ask me “are you a boy or a girl?” and I’ll usually answer something along the lines of it either/or, doesn’t really bother me, depends on the day, or if I’m feeling particularly playful, tell them I’m undecided that day and maybe they could suggest something.