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The Witchies

Once upon a time, not so very long ago in the grand scheme, two of my friends and I got together in a group chat which apparently needed a name, so I called it “witchies” as there was a bit of the Triple Goddess vibe with our respective age gaps, at least partly influenced with how the director portrayed the three witches in a *Macbeth *I acted in way back at uni.

August ProgBlog #2: all the small things

An unbelievable amount of crazy has been happening. Comp season starting was just part of it (aka there went one weekend, spoiler alert 12yo did well). We’re now onto the last few tail feathers with the pink and purple. Close up of the middle feathers (which shows I need to cover more grey in the purple section!) Didn’t get as much visual stuff done as I wanted/probably should have mostly due to crazy and partly because I was doing a fair chunk of data entry which I can’t even screenie now as I’m catching up to myself and am currently in 1988AER which is when a lot of the stuff that triggers some of the main events in the current arc happens so too much spoilerific.

June ProgBlog #2: in the green

Finally got into the green section! The one and only downside to this is that the next section is the blue section and with it more legs. Everything has been all over the place lately mostly due to insomnia which is partially caused by the cold making my problem side hurt forever. Only in winter do I occasionally regret not moving up to the tropics like JJ kept saying we should.

June ProgBlog #1

Those tiny little leg scales are very fiddly and I have three and a half more legs and then pretty much the entire tail section still to go x_x The body scales are a lot easier! I’ve tested replacing the outline with a flat multiply layer and it didn’t look good and I also managed to lose some vibrancy (I’m actually using the same colours in each section, just the flats have no glossiness or metalness and the glossy bits do) so that idea went flying out the window.

May ProgBlog #3

Fallen back into old habits of stressing out about how much I’m not getting done art-wise because I’m spending so much time on the rest of life and taking those extra hours out of sleep time which is totally healthy especially given how long it takes me to go to sleep and according to my Fitbit I wake up really frequently during the night (not that I remember ever doing so, apparently I usually wake up instead of going into REM and all those minutes “awake” usually average an hour) so I either need to go to bed earlier or wake up later and neither of those things are going to happen.

May ProgBlog #2: I am STILL FALLING!

No progblog last week because I caught a “flu-like virus” and got a bonus chest infection. Not recommended. On the bright side, the first day I was finally able to work, it took only a couple of goes for my hand to suddenly decide it had finally figured out how to draw the scales and they got done relatively quickly compared to my previous struggles. The last bit of the tail took the longest as the scales obviously had to shrink with the body.

May ProgBlog #1: one step forward

Any given number of steps backwards. Even though I’d repeatedly told 10yo not to start the quest in Habitica til 12yo and I were back from our respective jaunts, apparently he couldn’t resist pressing the button. So after we’d died a few times (mostly thanks to me as I have the biggest lists) I finally managed to scrape some stuff together enough to start working through my todo list (which I haven’t updated outside of Trello but probably should).

Happy birthday Sprat!

A little something for my favourite sibling’s birthday. I wanted to colour it but I left it late because I’m clever like that XD This work by ryivhnn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

Thursday stream - more High artbombed by Surf's Upgoat

Last Thursday stream as I’m switching to Fridays next week or so (whether I’ll manage next Friday is another thing as Sprat is up on holiday so we’ve been hanging). Decided to stream despite not having backup as I was going to be busy doing other things on the Friday when I did have backup so decided to continue working on @jedau and @randomli’s engagement present. I usually pay at least some attention to my chat clients while working and people were talking about surfing in the TeamAus channel on Discord.


Wallpaper inspired by @jedau’s novel A Day in the Clouds, specifically a scene in chapter 9 described thus: I concentrated my viento on my feet and catapulted myself into the stratosphere. I spun in place, trying to accumulate the heavy winds that blew high above. Although I made it concentrate in his hands and uplift him with spirally winds partly because it was fun and that’s how I’d done the pose originally (because that’s what was in my head) and mostly because it’s been a while since I read that chapter :S