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FFebruary ProgBlog #3: rinse repeat ad nauseum

I’ve spent an accumulation of 2-5 years redoing various swathes of work (mostly in the 3d department, but there was nearly a year worth of solid script fixing as well) for this project so to say that I am well and truly over it and desperately want a massive chunk of progress is an understatement of truly epic proportions. But guess what I’m doing again because this happened in 3d Coat and after failing to sort it out (there were some holes that 3d Coat would fill and otherwise it simply did not know what to do with) I sent the model to Blender to patch the holes.

February ProgBlog #2: look at this beautiful thing!

LOOK AT IT. THE RAINBOW MOVES. I LOVE IT. The default setting where it’s just gently scrolling left to right is my favourite though it can also spiral and “rain” (where keys randomly light up in a rain hitting the ground kind of pattern). My old keyboard had a few issues but otherwise still worked perfectly fine (the biggest issues I had were it was a lot harder than I like so my typing speed was greatly reduced as I had to pound the keys, I like just touching them and getting a response, and the right side of the spacebar had popped off so I had to switch to using my left thumb which is the off side for space) but J somehow got the idea that it was well on the way out and bought me that as a wide margin birthday present (no I’m not telling you when that is but it’s definitely not yet XP).

February ProgBlog #1: pingpong

On Tuesday I posted this screenie of Zara in showoff pose on ko-fi and that’s where I’m still currently stuck while the next few moves work themselves out in my head. It was a good excuse to jump back to Red and redo the retopo. My edge loops are probably not the best right now but they were a lot worse on my original retopo, no wonder I was having so much trouble with deformations.

November ProgBlog #5: and we're back

What is this 5 weeks shenanigans. So pretty much trying to pick up where I was before I jumped back to do more retopo. That texture baking tool in 3dC is a lifesaver when you’re inept like me x_x The skin texture is now reasonable enough for in your face shots: And an in your face Eevee render as close as the clipping distance would let me get (I’m not even sure I have many if any extreme closeups like this):

November ProgBlog #4: bugger that density

After getting increasingly annoyed about how dense the mesh was becoming as well as general annoyance about having to do yet more rework and the fact that some things simply didn’t want to stay square, I threw that idea through a brick wall and decided to just extrude the nails like I was originally planning and hope it wouldn’t make a mess. Which meant first trying to get used to the extrude tool (press enter first, then move it, then switch tools because pressing enter again doesn’t drop it, I don’t even remember which program that habit came from).

November ProgBlog #3: dense

That’s what the head is at the moment and I’m not even done. Wait what haven’t I done this already? Well yes I had, but while I was working on the skin shader and trying to work out if you can keyframe changes in nodes (which I’ll need for the procedural eye texture, and apparently yes you can though I will have to figure out how) I realised I should probably do fingernail and claw procedurals as well so I don’t have to keep repainting them each character, so I jumped back into 3dC to add actual geometry for the finger and toe nails, as previously they were being done entirely with normal mapping.

November ProgBlog #2: little touchups

Did I mention there was a lot of transitioning going on? 12yo is back homeschooling (kind of forced the issue and pulled her out as while she kept insisting til she was blue in the face that she adored school and absolutely under no circumstances wanted to quit, she refused to go due to being constantly “sick”) so I’ve readjusted all my schedules again, and because I keep staying up late (I just work better at night!

October ProgBlog #4: stuck (and a minor temper tantrum)

I have made zero progress this week, as the entire thing was spent failing to figure out this problem never mind resolve it. Basically what’s happened is that every time I go to bake (and it doesn’t seem to matter what baking option I choose, there seems to be a few), the sculpt mesh decides to do this at some point either just before the bake starts or right at the beginning somewhere:

October ProgBlog #3: borked (and partly noteorial)

I couldn’t just fix the polyflow around the shoulders like I was intending. I ended up redoing the entire torso and the hips, butt and connecting part of the thighs. I don’t know how well it will animate in general but it will be a lot better than how it was. This meant the uv maps had to get redone as well. Then I spent two days trying to figure out how to fix the mess before remembering that 3dC is supposed to be able to deal with stuff like this and looking up how to do that instead.

October ProgBlog #2: steem is also a timesink :S

If it’s not PvZ I’ve been distracted by steem, oops :S And I haven’t even been wandering off my not-that-busy feed, I just have this bad habit of commenting on most of the things I upvote ^_^; Finally finished the phoenix tattoo! Well I’m pretty sure it’s finished anyway, I’ve dropped shadow layers on the body and the froof and after some playing around decided the wings and tail feathers don’t need shadowing.