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Happy silly season 2023

Happy slightly late silly season! A little bit late due to a combination of family shenanigans and whatnot, forgetting how to draw, doing a different method, realising that method would take too long, attempting to draw again, finally remembering how to draw and then trying to blitz it out around everything else in by then one day left, stymied slightly by a very fun new year party and actually finished it on time but then when I went to export it Krita and/or the MacBook started playing silly buggers and insisted on giving me blurry images and so I airdropped it to sibling dearest to see if she could work something out.

Happy Silly Season 2022

Alternate title: FREEDOM! Which is probably what Zara was screaming into the wind. Don’t do what Zara is doing, it’s very stupid and dangerous. And Megan’s seatbelt is currently not effective so don’t do that either XD And the pod windscreens are actually HUDs and Dakarai is looking at a rear view thing but the HUD can only be seen from inside the pod. The HUD is probably also screaming about an unrestrained passenger.

December ProgBlog 1: here we go again

I don’t think I’ve ever had a last month of the year run according to any semblance of a plan and that may or may not have something to do with my persistent delusion that I can somehow continue doing the same thing plus all the extra time consuming things in the same amount of time. Pro-tip: it never works. The end of year display was great, and I had the “brilliant” idea to film the whole thing (I did get permission from the head coach to do it first) and edit them all together.

November ProgBlog

I got a little busy. Some of it was getting overexcited about my notes (which is so far working wonderfully), a lot of it was comp season, some of it was basically being told to upskill because apparently they need me to upskill which I went ahead and did as I had been intending on doing it anyway (just fast forwarded as the plan had been for next year, and hopefully it won’t turn out to have been a waste of money as I may have been shadowbanned), some of it was getting swept up in roleplaying notes (I get really excited about worldbuilding and trying to craft stories around my players’ characters) including the CoD PvP PbP Discord server (very slow because I still need to read books so can’t get 17yo’s Hunter started, and C who got started is taking his sweet time responding, and T and S who are idling on that server haven’t even made characters yet, I don’t think these kids are the best at pbp XD) and a newly created Pokemon server (playfully referred to as Pkmn PvP PbP but is actually called Frontiertown and I have beeen having way too much fun coming up with character names) where I’m attempting to test out a system I wrote (also very slow as none of the three players I have in there have made a character yet).

September ProgBlog #2: new hair

Not sure what has been going on with Manjaro or whether it’s just my sense of time that’s been warped, but there seems to have been a longer than usual period between updates. I’ve been waiting for Blender 3.3 for a while as that has the new hair system in it, but Manjaro refused to update. I found out at some point during these shenanigans that the new hair system was actually in 3.

September ProgBlog #1

The completionist in me is somewhat annoyed that I didn’t get the September Powerbee. I must have done it too early in the morning or something stupid like that (I did it around the same time as I usually do but my “around” tends to be an hour or so). Oh well. My parents have been over and seem to have decided to do a lot of tours this time round (probably because an uncle and his family are also over), and invited us out on a number of them.

August ProgBlog #3: particle feathers and hair, oh my

I think I’ve finished the first light and shadow layers for the Eladrin. It went pretty quick, I don’t know how long it actually took as while Toolsday is the day for it, there was a bit going on. I was talking to Sprat about having difficulty with feathers (because I’m trying to do Zara’s head feathers better) and that I didn’t have a feather generator. Then it occurred to me to see if one existed and apparently one does.

August ProgBlog #2: because I need more projects

I really should stop trying to push to finish things before going to bed because the times that it has worked is probably still in the single digits. I decided to postpone the progblog because I’ve been so out of it I really hadn’t gotten a lot of work done, partly because I just didn’t look at my schedule and partly because I managed to simultaneously not know what day it was and know what day it was because of who had to be where by when.

July ProgBlog #3: haaaaaaaaaair

the title partially comes from when 17yo was a baby and said pretty much that as I think he was trying to figure out the h sound I successfully crunched a lot of roleplaying notes and even got a decent start on a couple of major npcs (I only write character sheets for major npcs, everything else gets made up on the fly as I need it) and…game on Sunday didn’t happen as one player was working (which we knew about) and the other one had a family thing on (which we found out when we pinged them to let them know we were going to be starting soon).

July ProgBlog #2

There was drama with my uv maps. They decided to “helpfully” maximise my uv space by stacking (basically symmetrical things neatly align themselves on top of one another to maximise efficient use of uv space…however because I’m painting the uv maps and there’s different things on each side I absolutely do not under any circumstances want that) and I don’t know when that happened or how to fix it. And there were these random little black dots which I think are polygons (because they only show up in polygon selection mode) but are unselectable.