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May ProgBlog #2: chasms

posted on: Sunday, 26 May 2024 @ 11:05pm in

Tha gap isn’t even that big but that’s what it feels like right now.

image 395

The wing membrane is being a pain in the system. And I thought I was going so well too.

I attempted combining with a previous version where I’d tried bordering with triangles and eventually got this monstrosity which I hated but less than the other ones.

image 396

I punched the bit with the triangle and the surrounding polys out and kind of inched along reconnecting things and eventually ended up with this which is only slightly less bad.

image 397

Least the problems with the polyflow was a lot more blatant.

I can never leave well enough alone so I ended up doing this weird loopy nonsense mostly going way too far out of my way to avoid triangles (coz they fold weirdly) and stars (what I call 5+ edges sharing one vertex, not sure what they’re actually called) because brain has decided that the membranes are cloth even though I’m not going to be putting cloth dynamics on them.

image 398

i’m trying really hard to push shenanigan polygons towards the edge of the membrane which may not be the best idea for animation given any problems will be blatantly obvious but I should be able to somewhat mitigate animation issues whereas texturing issues are much more irritating to resolve, so to that end I just want everything as quaddy and even as possible.

It continues to infuriate me that I spend so long trying to get things working/figure things out that it looks like literally nothing at all is happening. Sticking points suck and at the moment I feel like literally every step I take is a sticking point.

Other than that I’ve been steadily migrating (am halfway through 2022!) and slowly deleting the 18k (for once I’m not exaggerating, there was literally over 18k spam comments on my blog that happened when I wasn’t paying attention, it’s fine as when it started being a problem I turned comment approval on, I’m down to a bit under 15k now) and wondering why I’m bothering as I’m going to be once again losing all my blog comments (this already happened once when I manual migrated over from livejournal to drupal, though there is a non-zero chance I may actually migrate comments if I can with whichever comment system I end up going with). The rest of my time has been mostly lesson planning and roleplaying notes including hacking on a system which as far as I can tell turned out to be slightly closer to Savage Worlds than I realised after I stole their idea for card initiative as it looks like way more fun than initiative has any right to be (I don’t really like rolling or tracking initiative but I’m too dumb for elective action order).

If I was just playing with my usual group I would see if they’re game to try the cards next session but I have two new-to-the-group-and-system players and I’m not sure if I should spring it on them while they’re learning.