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May ProgBlog #1: reeeee

posted on: Sunday, 2 May 2021 @ 10:08pm in

I’m not sure if the rererererereretopo (I have no idea anymore) is any better than the previous one.

head retopo using Retopoflow in Blender 2.92

Probably a bit hard to see the original wireframe in black under the new white wireframe. My current problem is trying to work out how to connect the arms and if there’s enough polys there. I love the Contours tool. I love all the tools. Have I mentioned how much less horrible Retopoflow makes retopology XD

retopologising human in Retopoflow in Blender 2.92

You know that feeling when you have a scene written out (mostly because you only had kind of a vague idea of the set) and then you go and build the set and it turns out it’s not quite how it was in your head (because what was in your head wasn’t that clear to begin with?

No? It’s just me? :S

Well, I have this scene where Zara jumps off a balcony, lands on something lower down, drops to hanging and then tries to swing somewhere else before getting picked up by a Royal Guard that dove after her when he saw her jump.

What I knew at the time was that Zara was at the Royals’ office which is at the top of the central tower, so it would be a fair drop to the ground if she stuffed that one up. What I didn’t know til I started building was that the tower has different widths and the office is narrower than the section it’s sitting on, which is narrower again than the third section which I think is all the same width all the way down or may flare, I guess I’ll find out.

modelling The Office in Acaedia in Blender 2.92

I think the mini tower is supposed to look like an observatory but it looks like a freaking silo. The white section in the dome is solar panels, though I haven’t done a material for that yet.

As far as I’m aware from my script, there’s supposed to be four doors to the office. I’m leaving it a bit to see if there are actually four doors or if I’m just dumb. There’s also apparently a toilet block (the big circle is a garden) and a a smaller conference room which makes the silo office tower that tall. But still not tall enough to do what the script claims.

Then I realised that the office balcony walkway thing (which is wider than the floors beneath) is held up by some decorative supports (one of which I’m in the process of building, the other three will be link duplicated) and that would be what Zara runs down. I guess I’ll have to minor rewrite to have the Royal Guard that follows her see what she does and then decide that her running to the main edge of the tower and dropping down that is a tad deadly.

all the silo floors, modelling Acaedia in Blender 2.92

I’m also having to think about how the walkways and the balconies go as once again I don’t seem to have looked carefully enough the first time, and also I was trying so hard to fit some kind of chairlift thing to the side that it took me a literal week to realise that the walkways are just extra wide because the Terrans that live in Acaedia have access to personal transports (either their own or the numerous communal ones available for free) so there’s basically a fast side and a slow side.

Here’s a gratuitous “look what I’ve done so far” screenie.

gratuitous look what I've done so far screenie, modelling Acaedia in Blender 2.92

Oh yeh, the coding front. I don’t seem to have written about that recently. My project (redoing my wiki to see if I can do some stuff I want to do easier than I’ll be able to do it in Drupal, and by extension trying to work out which stack I should choose if sibling and I get around to getting our somewhat related umbrella project off the ground) deviates substantially from the OCA front end that I was practising for, so I’ve switched focus to said OCA front end. I’m apparently too dumb to figure out the developer docs to just get something showing up so the entire coding session was spent mostly reading (the docs, the source code for and Inkito and slowly trying to figure out if I’m rewriting the tutorial code in a way that will produce results I want. I think I’m onto something but I’m not sure yet, with luck I’ll find out tomorrow when I’m coding again (or reading for hours either way).