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April ProgBlog #1

posted on: Monday, 1 April 2024 @ 11:23pm in

I would have really, really, really liked to have had this thing done and dusted and been moving on to the next bit by now but it persists in being relentlessly annoying.

But I got onto a roll over the last couple of nights (which as my rolls usually do resulted in me forgetting to go to sleep) and made some headway.

Most of my problem was having two direction changes very close to each other.

image 386

But at least now that the entire grid is down it’s just the tedium of trying to square everything and trying and consistently failing to not accidentally undo everything you just did while trying to do the rest of it (no matter what I do, there are always things that are too rectangular or way too non-planar even allowing for the fact the underlying shape just straight up sucks and I will have to reshape it after the retopo bit is done). I would probably have been done quicker with Retopoflow but they’re charging for a major version upgrade for the first time in ever and all the spare money I might have had to drop in it I’m using to buy more stickers and loot box items for the kids that I coach.

So I just have to struggle along doing things way too slowly and getting increasingly frustrated.

At least it’s moving I guess.

image 387

Shoulder loops are one of the many banes of my existence. I’m mildly concerned about this. I think it’ll be fine. I hate it. It probably hates me too.

Chocolate season was very conveniently timed, the chocolate is getting me through.

My site was in need of an upgrade and while I still love the current skin, I had this idea in mind that I really wanted to do and figured may as well get a new one. I asked sibling dearest again and she somehow managed to come up with pretty much exactly what I wanted from my very unhelpful rambling about glowing trees with techy bits.

While she was doing that, I accidentally went almost full circle and changed my entire stack and am currently in the process of manually migrating a hundred million posts from my current site to the one I’m working on because I’m a blithering idiot I wanted to mosaic some of the image posts (I call masonry mosaic, I don’t know why either) and was also culling out any posts that seemed pointless (a couple of them were completely useless, not even a snapshot of my mental state at the time).

So that’s also been taking up a fair bit of time and I’ve been doing that in between mesh aggravations as it’s kind of brainless and easily achievable.

Putting the site together has been fun too though I’m really looking forward to getting the popcon done. The important things after that are the taxonomy pages, and I should probably make it properly responsive too. I’m as yet undecided if the search bar and the commenting system are launch blockers. With the amount of traffic I get (not much at all) I’m perfectly happy to launch in a mostly functional state (because that’s how excited I am about this new skin) and let Sprat scream at me about fixing it in real time rather than throwing screenies back and forth. I should probably set up a staging site but I’m much too lazy for that.

Anyway I took the Easter weekend pretty much off and went hard on project and manual migration like an idiot and put a dent in things (even though it doesn’t feel that way), will have to get back to other work (like lesson planning and ordering loot box things and holiday program stuff and organising to at least start those murals) tomorrow.