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February ProgBlog #2: the day everything imploded

posted on: Monday, 12 February 2024 @ 12:04am in

We apparently have to use lesson plan templates this year which has increased my admin time a little bit (I now have to translate it into the template to send to my boss instead of just exporting a pdf like I was before). This would have been fine if LibreOffice hadn’t decided that it wasn’t going to play nice with the template and I had to rebuild the damn thing so I could use it which took a bit of doing.

Then doing the sorting and processing I’ve been doing in digikam I had a big rethink about how I manage photos and collections and decided to split out some photos that were either sent to me by family while they were on vacation or photos that were taken of events (J took a few of footy games when we had season passes and I have taken a few of lion dances) into their own collections.

And then promptly forgot I’d done that so didn’t pause sync with my laptop while I was out, and as the sync was interrupted the laptop got confused and decided that the files I had moved were missing and “helpfully” attempted to reupload them.

I can’t quite remember what I did to fix it but there was a bit of stuffing around involved.

And then a Nextcloud upgrade decided to blow up. I had to drop a table to allow the upgrade to progress, allegedly the table came from some really old module that is probably not in use anymore so hopefully it won’t cause more problems down the line.

Intermittently I had noted that the aircon didn’t seem to be doing a particularly good job and after initially thinking that it was just because it was very hot (42C and we have an evap), and eventually I actually went and stood under the vent to find that the one in the room I’m in was blowing hot air. The other vents in the other rooms were blowing somewhat cool air. I told J a few times and he just shrugged it off as it was too hot until I got more shrilly insistent, and he eventually grumblingly went up on the roof to check it out.

I sent eldest up there with him and later poked my head up with water for them and to find out what was going on. Apparently the water wasn’t dripping evenly around the thing and they had done something or other to make it go all the way around.

The aircon continued blowing hot air into the room I was in but I left it on and put up with the stifling heat because the rest of the house was somewhat cooler.

Then I detected an odd smell, reported it to J who couldn’t smell it so shrugged it off. I then thought it might have been coming from the oven and middle child (who was making currypuffs) protested her innocence and we joked about her accidentally using newspaper instead of baking paper and that’s what was causing the smell (she was using baking paper).

J finally detected the smell and investigated the aircon again but couldn’t find anything wrong. We aired out the place and turned the aircon back on.

Then detected the smell again along with a loud humming. Aircon went off and J went outside to check for fire and then went back up on the roof to try to look into the box again. Couldn’t find anything wrong aside from some water dripping from the ceiling directly under the aircon box and we decided that the aircon was officially dead.

Of course that would happen when it’s averaging 40C instead of 30-35 (when the main part of the house doesn’t actually need it but we turn it on anyway to attempt to cool the kids’ rooms down).

I texted my cousin’s cousin who was putting split systems into the kids’ rooms telling him I had more work for him. He said he would squeeze us in on Thursday and apologised profusely for running so late. He has had a bit going on and from what I heard around it seems that every tradie in the metro area is severely backlogged.

I was pretty miffed with everything as apparently I am never under any circumstances allowed to use spare time for project work and because it was so damn hot I didn’t really get a lot done on project work day again.

Reopologising the Dragonkin wings simultaneously feels very slow and very quick. I felt like I was making some decent headway and then realised that I somehow hadn’t put the shoulder loop in at all so that was today’s job.

image 381

This actually went a lot quicker than my last attempt, took me less time to get back to roughly the coverage I was at before.

image 382

I got too hot wearing my glove so it’s become a hand rest which is a much more awkward way of using it.

I’m trying to both pay attention to the torso topology so I can join them up later and also trying really hard to keep things squarish especially on the wing membranes even though I’m 98% certain that I’m just going to be fudging their shapes with rig and shape keys rather than doing anything insane like cloth dynamics.

Least it’s going to some value of going?