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Tao's Good Day

Posted on: Sunday, 24 September 2006 @ 7:45pm
Blatting about

[imported from livejournal and backdated]

It was a really good day today. Think we're going to make a point of trying to have more, specially seeing as I'll be doing the whole homeschooling thing.

We went to Freo for the fruit and veg and meat as we usually do. Tao got a banana from the stall holder we usually go to, as he usually does, and we got the fruit and veg, then left them there to pick up later and headed out. We caught up with Clara from the crepe place and I bought a Nutella crepe which Tao got half of. I think I have him hooked on Nutella now, I'm such a bad parent. And I think I might need to buy some now. And perhaps get some peanut butter from the misc organic food place near the meat place. There were babies, babies everywhere and I was feeling weird. (sighs as Josh starts imitating a chicken again :)

We went to Nick's Kebabs for lunch, Josh got a pork kebab thingi with "Nick's special sauce" (all of us including the counter person had a giggle about it) which he shared with Tao, I got a boring old hot dog. We'd decided to take Tao down to the playground opposite The Esplanade Hotel, there happened to be something happening there, there was a carousel and a bouncey castle and the clown heads that you drop balls into the mouths of. Josh took Tao on the carousel, he "drove" a fire truck, then he went on the bouncing castle. There was one another kid that was racing up and down and having a great time, and was probably about 5 or so. Tao was a bit unsure about the massive ridges on the floor of the bouncing castle. We encouraged him to bounce and he did, then bounced into one of the grooves. He was a bit unsure how to react, so we applauded him, which cheered him up enough to try again, and he managed to stay on the ridge that time. He had a great time.

When time was up we took him over to the playground where there was a large bunch of other kids playing. He had great fun on the play equipment. I got asked how old Tao was, I said nearly 2 and got told he was "doing really well". I have no idea what that means. He also got to have a go on the swings though he nearly got cleaned up twice running across the trajectory of one that was in motion.

We headed back to the markets after that to get meat, and someone was gearing up for his nap. Bought meat from the organic meat place, then headed in to collect the veges. Mr Baby decided he wanted boob and sleep so he had boob and was asleep not long after. Thing I love about being in "Dullsville", most of the people who noticed my big almost 2yo on the boob smiled and thought it was sweet. I've heard some stories of a few of my eastern states friends copping flak for breastfeeding any baby over 6 months old, guess the people in all those hip yuppie eastern state cities are uneducated ignoramuses ;) Because Tao is getting way too big to carry lying down in the sling, I had to take him off the boob and sit him back up to lay on my shoulder. Fortunately he was too sleepy to complain too much and went back to sleep.

Got to the car, Josh loaded up the goods and put Tao into the car seat seeing as my tummy and back have been hurting every time I've done it lately, no fuss there. We got in the car and pulled out of the parking spot and Tao arced up for all of a minute before looking blearily around. We got to the corner and he was asleep again.

Got home, I put him to bed with some boob and went to do all my chores (folding and putting away nappies, laundry, did most of the rest of the kitchen, now only have window, sill and sink to do). Tao didn't have a very long nap. He went out later with Josh to walk the dog at the bushland behind Murdoch uni. I stayed home coz I was tired. Apparently they had a great time.

Tao got in the shower with me very shortly after they got home, after the shower he wanted boob but he got dinner instead. After dinner he was quite insistant on boob so he got boob and is now asleep. YAY! The last two nights he's been having micronaps before bedtime and then not sleeping til we go to bed.

I'm thinking I should work on the storyboard for the comic, though from the looks of things I'll have to wait til Josh finishes watching TV (can't concentrate when TV is on). Guess I do some 3d or some coding in the meantime.

My writeups suck. I'm blaming today's abysmal effort on being tired, having a very short concentration span and stuff ;)

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