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November ProgBlog #2: distractions

There are many and some of them are just things I’ve decided to add on because I’m not very smart like that. After WoDMod1 finished I started hacking on a dice system I’d written for AER two decades ago x_x when I was roleplaying a lot more. It mostly worked out fine when I was playtesting it with the friends I roleplayed with frequently back then because it was a fork of World of Darkness with a lot of my fudges and homebrew built in (it’s actually more or less the system I run now when we’re playing World of Darkness, just closer to the original than my fork so the children reading the sourcebooks know what’s going on).

November ProgBlog #1: legitimate reasons

I actually had them for the delay for once, and that was going out for birthday churros (not mine, but someone’s). After that I was trying to render out some super quick and dirty walk cycles (which are literally just hands and feet approximating walking motions, no refinements or personality injected whatsoever, which partially accounts for the jerkiness and the other part is only vaguely remembering how to do looping gifs and animated gifs in general and couldn’t get the timing right when making the gif, I haven’t done one for game engines yet and I don’t use them at all for animations) and my computer crashed three times while rendering the first one (I’m a bit extra so I did three different views because of course I did).

To some value of working

Please excuse the slight headache that is the abrupt camera movement towards the end (and maybe don’t watch it if you get motion sick easily ^_^;), I only half-arsed fixed a lot of things after changing the framerate from 24 to 60. There are so many things I need to fix. Including I forgot to turn the arm socks collection back on (I could have sworn I had) but I’m not rerendering this just for that, so you can instead see why she usually wears arm socks.

March ProgBlog #1: drama

I missed my Tuesday ko-fi update because there was a huge kerfuffle on steem. I had nothing to do with it (didn’t participate or contribute anything aside from using the rest of my witness votes) because it was way over my head and out of my league. It annoyed me enough that concentrating on anything important was hard so I did what I usually try to do if able when annoyed and drew.

February ProgBlog #4: making a thing

The sculpt repairs are coming along slowly and painfully but otherwise looking all right. The areas I’ve cleaned up have got bigger triangles/more grey area, black bits are super dense mesh. I did actually do part of the face but from quite close, it was a lot darker than that before. The blotchy spots are the bits that were giving me grief in 3d Coat. Sometimes if I go over them enough times with the clean clay brush (doesn’t seem to matter what the setting is) they sometimes will eventually separate from the main mesh which will then let me objectify them and delete them when they go to their own layers.

February ProgBlog #2: look at this beautiful thing!

LOOK AT IT. THE RAINBOW MOVES. I LOVE IT. The default setting where it’s just gently scrolling left to right is my favourite though it can also spiral and “rain” (where keys randomly light up in a rain hitting the ground kind of pattern). My old keyboard had a few issues but otherwise still worked perfectly fine (the biggest issues I had were it was a lot harder than I like so my typing speed was greatly reduced as I had to pound the keys, I like just touching them and getting a response, and the right side of the spacebar had popped off so I had to switch to using my left thumb which is the off side for space) but J somehow got the idea that it was well on the way out and bought me that as a wide margin birthday present (no I’m not telling you when that is but it’s definitely not yet XP).

February ProgBlog #1: pingpong

On Tuesday I posted this screenie of Zara in showoff pose on ko-fi and that’s where I’m still currently stuck while the next few moves work themselves out in my head. It was a good excuse to jump back to Red and redo the retopo. My edge loops are probably not the best right now but they were a lot worse on my original retopo, no wonder I was having so much trouble with deformations.

November ProgBlog #1

I missed two aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Anyway. I’m currently stuck with the dance animation because the characters didn’t end up where I wanted them to be due to a severely truncated tumble run. I originally planned for Zara to do a proper diagonal with at least a slight run-up and 4-5 tricks. Then I had a problem of Rei’s tumble run being not nearly as long because she’s just learning and doesn’t know nearly as many tricks as Zara, plus she does a slower and more graceful one that doesn’t utilise a run up.

October ProgBlog #2: nearly forgot!

And if I don’t do it tonight it will be late again as busy weekend is busy! The process video wasn’t done in time so it may make the next week’s progblog or alternately it may never see the light of day, depending entirely on whether or not I finish Embers over the next week. I did finish frame 3: and started on the last…er…frame I guess even though there’s no border.

The hang of it

Eventually got the hang of the Rigify-Pitchipoy rig that ships with Blender. I’ll use this one instead of mine XD (I made mine with the intention to use it for animating but it was mostly to learn how to rig in Blender because I like having an idea of how to do everything, I am however not a rigger) Please excuse the odd deformations, it’s a low poly model and I didn’t fix up the (pretty good) autoskinning as the intention was to test the rig.