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June ProgBlog #1: there is actually some for a change

posted on: Sunday, 2 June 2024 @ 11:43pm in

The last week of May saw a bunch of random and mostly unrelated setbacks and I’ve been trying to frantically catch up ever since.

This morning was icing as a dead tree fell onto the neighbour’s house. We heard the crack of the trunk breaking as it fell, thought it was thunder, and then knew something was up when we heard the impact and scurried out to investigate. Nobody was injured but their roof is going to need some repairs. Spent a big chunk of the morning helping them to clean up and joking about how none of us had had a chance to have our coffee yet.

So of course I spent the rest of the morning poking at my new system (I have rejigged again, partly because I needed to make some catchup plans anyway and mostly because the previous system had stopped working).

And also poking at blog migration as I’m a lot closer to done and am really looking forward to getting a big chunk of work out of the list and freeing up that time.

I did get to work eventually. Apparently no matter what I can’t escape pinchy bits in the big membrane. At least it’s all quads and the ratty bits are on the edges I guess?!

image 399

I also hate how the other membranes are going to end up but I also don’t care at this point. This should theoretically work.

image 400

It’s just hideously ugly and may present problems if I have to paint on them (some of the Dragonkin may have wing tattoos).

They’re at least a bit quicker to do, I should theoretically be able to finish the other two membranes in 3-4 hours if I can concentrate long enough.

In other news I have less than 50 posts left to migrate (I know this because I’m in 2023 and am on the first page, am partway up as I’m doing it in reverse order, and have listed 50 items per page). Really looking forward to being done with that.