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March ProgBlog #1

posted on: Monday, 6 March 2023 @ 11:11pm in

At some point when I was rethinging my schedules, I decided that first Sundays were going to be mopping and windows days. Then promptly missed February.

The first weekend of March was a bit intense as J was in charge of scheduling the excursions and decided to schedule them both on the same weekend for whatever reason. We went to an Aboriginal Astronomy event at the Gravity Discovery Centre on the Saturday night and then went shooting at Topshot the following morning. I’ll write a tiny bit more about them with the metric boatload oh photos in March Homeschool Miscellany.

Today was a public holiday so I chose to work on stuff instead and just as well as I found out that my estimate was accurate and it does in fact take me most of the day to clean all the outsides of the windows and my bedroom, the computer room, the bathroom, and the sliding glass door insides (J had to help with three of the windows as I can’t reach them easily) and mop my bedroom and the rest of the house.

the kids deal with their own rooms

I finished the row I’d been fighting with (after having to redo it a few times because the spacing had been completely wrong) and then spent way too long trying to transition down the hand.

image 261

I think I have it sussed now, just need to continue covering the primaries from the last small reddish feather down the hand, then transition into some smaller feathers and as far as I can tell from my reference tabs, the top of the wings are a lot of tiny feathers.

it doesn’t look l ike a lot got done, you’ll just have to take my word that I spent a lot of time adding and moving and deleting and trying again x_x

I am not looking forward to that. Even if the next attempt at particles looks acceptable this time.

Didn’t work on Aoife today as I’d decided that if I could finish the cleaning in a timely fashion I would keep working on this thing and crank out as many feathers as I could.

Which between dinner and 14yo telling me everything I never wanted to know about how to make a forge in a backyard and forge a knife out of a rebar, is currently the last row of decent sized feathers on the hand on both sides, so we’re looking like this for the moment.

Home stretch now. Hopefully the tail won’t take too long and then I’ll have to remember to apply the scale for all the feathers so that the textures work properly.