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February ProgBlog #4: another day another row

posted on: Thursday, 2 March 2023 @ 3:23pm in

And another late blog without much prog.

The wing underside is a pain in the system to work on as the double shoulders and the location means I routinely end up inside the mesh even when I’m aware of where I am and even expecting it to happen and thus trying to avoid it. I think this is a minor downside to having cursor depth active but then again at least I remain in the area as the other option is ending up somewhere in space and having to press the home key and hope something is selected to home in on (or select something from the outliner if nothing is selected). I find close in quicker to reorient.

image 251

And I was trying to do that as a break from this nonsense where I need to figure out what kind of feathers go on the hand.

image 252

I’m under the impression from looking at my references (which is very basically comprised of browser tabs)

image 253

that they’re kind of big. I continue to joke about going and grabbing a chicken from outside and having a look and there is a non-zero chance that I may actually just try to grab one at some point to have a look. But it’s also a low chance as that requires effort and I’m constantly tired at the moment.

There’s a bit going on and I’m not getting nearly enough sleep. My latest sidequest is this nonsense:

image 254

16yo and I are making sticker books for our groups by covering notebooks with interesting contact (though she was distinctly unimpressed with me getting some “boring” blue and black contact for those that might prefer plainer covers) and then sticking baking paper to the inside pages so that the stickers could be moved around.

There was a very slight flaw in the plan, the baking paper is non-stick. And of course despite testing a sticker on both sides of the baking paper and finding out both sides were non-stick, it didn’t enter my head til I started doing it that I might have trouble sticking the baking paper to the page because it was non-stick. On the bright side some effort is involved with unsticking the baking paper so I have the double-sided adhesive I got for this purpose as close to the edge of the page as I can. It crinkles slightly when the page is turned like a cheaply made sticker book, oddly enough.

The reason we decided to make them is because we couldn’t find any (found heaps of sticker books/pads that were the type that are filled up with stickers already, just not any blank ones for putting stickers into) and the ones that were online were kind of expensive with shipping.

We bought two 10-packs of notebooks as between us we have about 14 kids. Due to my amazing attention paying skills (I was kind of in a hurry as we were at OfficeWorks between classes) I didn’t notice that the notebooks in the 10-pack had 120 pages.

After using one notebook as an experiment (and deciding to keep it for myself as something that I didn’t know was on the table stained the cover and the pages are very messily done due to being experimental) we decided on just making one side non-stick so that the other side could be used for writing or permanent sticker placement as I remember having a sticker book as a kid that had that kind of set up, where one side was for “trade/play” stickers that could be easily moved around (if you liked trading stickers or if you just liked making scenes with them) and the other side for permanent placement of stickers you didn’t want to trade/lose.

It’s still taking A Very Long Time as I’ve been picking at it in between other things.

Also found out that the girls are happy with pretty much whatever stickers as long as they’re appealing to them in some form and quite a few of the boys are into basketball stickers but while some of them were happy with the generic people playing basketball cartoon stickers we had, quite a few wanted stickers of real basketball players so I said I’d get them some seeing as I was getting particularly themed stickers (am on the lookout for Pokemon, giant robots eg Transformers, Gundam etc, Studio Ghibli and…I’m sure there were others and I’ll probably remember when I see them).

My schedule went from slightly out of whack to completely out of whack this week. I’ll make some attempt to recover next week, hopefully nothing else unexpected crops up! ^_^;