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March ProgBlog #2: was this where the rail was?

posted on: Friday, 15 March 2019 @ 9:31pm in

I fell so far off the track I’m not sure I’ll be able to find it again, maybe it was a cliff I plummeted off? Who thought building a railroad through this kind of territory was a good idea?

Guess I’ll just have to make yet another one. Again. There’s probably a perfectly good plain not far away that would have made for a much easier journey too.

Screenshot 20190315 214302

In tonight’s work in progress shot I’m working on shadow 3 of frame 4, featuring my scribbly placeholder writing which was laid out before I knew that I was going to do this twisty perspective run on nightmarish thing with the buildings. The first two frames/sections went more or less according to plan and then after the third frame I’ve been changing text placement on the fly. It’s been working out so far.

Screenshot 20190315 221359

Though the graffiti took a ridiculously long time to do. I’m not good at text. I originally tried to draw it in place but ended up just writing everything flat and then transforming it into place. I hope it’s legible when it’s shrunk :S

For anyone wondering why my buildings are covered in plants, over where my characters live most buildings are covered in plants and a lot of urban plants are bioluminescent because it worked out to be cheaper and better for the environment to use bioluminescence as street lighting instead of electric lights. There are still indoor electric lights because the plants will only light an area really well if they’re really big or there’s a lot of them.

I’ve noticed while poking around in my head universe that grass doesn’t seem to come in bioluminescent (or perhaps I just haven’t seen any yet). I wonder why.