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Our secret hiding spot

Alternate title: ill-gotten gains So there was this song. Which reminded me of something that turned out to be this old gif that my sister had made. And then this got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave til I drew it out. The setup didn’t take too long. The sketch took maybe 5mins. The colouring took a lot longer XD Their secret hiding spot will have to be left up to the imagination partly because I tend not to do backgrounds for sketches and mostly because I know practically nothing about that universe.


This is Darqx’s Invader Zim fan character AED. Seeing as I dislike Zim I decided to humanise him. Kind of. He has a human head rather than odd Zim head but the three fingeredness is still there. He’s directly pre-about-to-get-wings-ripped-off (ask her). I only did this one coz she liked the pose, it was actually partway to another pose that I was planning. Render time: 8m 34s This work by ryivhnn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.