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February ProgBlog #3: feathering

posted on: Wednesday, 22 February 2023 @ 11:49pm in

Sibling dearest and I are trying to initiate our project chats again. The project chats were a video call where we’d talk about what we were working on and it would kind of be like the good old days where we’d actually be sitting next to each other and would chat and occasionally look over to see what the other one was doing.

We’ve had to replace looking over with screenies (screen sharing would be a complicated setup as while she uses the same machine for the video call and work, I don’t, and that would probably cause her connection to drop and people in my house to complain about me nomming all the bandwidth) but it’s definitely better than nothing.

We also switched to doing it during the day as I once more designated entire days to working on things and as it’s on a weekend it’s convenient for her too.

I’m still placing millions upon millions of feathers.

image 248

I’ve also remembered/realised I will need to apply scale to everything so that the textures work properly (they’re not bad at the moment, they’re just not quite right).

image 249

I was concentrating on the shoulder down but switched back to doinng the rows on the wing as I will be duplicating those to the front and will need to see if I need to resize anything on the front of the shoulder.

This one is pretty late as everything got stuffed up over the last couple of weeks (youngest constantly picking fights and refusing to go to bed on time so I stay up later to get stuff done, going to bed earlier and doing it fresher/more productively is actually not an option in this case as the night time is the time I have to do it in and if it’s not done then it won’t get done at all and that is absolutely unacceptable, and on the Monday night I got distracted by someone in the school friends WhatsApp group I’m in posting a video featuring one of my relatives and then I ended up going through Christmas Island Stories instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing). I’m currently fighting to get the schedule back on track and also try to figure out how to make it more robust (I had deliberately left buffer times for this reason but seems like no amount of time will ever be enough). I just want to see if I can get through the year without missing a progblog.

I am not actually going to be keeping track, just going to keep trying