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January ProgBlog #4: when the other work takes over

posted on: Tuesday, 31 January 2023 @ 11:16pm in

I missed posting last night as I was up til 1am finishing off lesson plans.

I like to joke about how it’s taken me three days to write the lesson plans. Most of the time taken was actually refining a few things with my Obsidian lesson plan templates once I actually started using them, and then having to work out a format for my notebook when I transcribed them.

the notebook is partly an excuse to buy cute notebooks and mostly because I’m intending on taking it home over the weekend to transcribe the week’s lesson plans and leaving it there during the week in the unlikely event that I can’t make it or am running late, then whoever is subbing can just grab the notebook out of the cupboard and use the lesson plan

I think I’m going to have to put the drills and their equipment requirements in a table to save space but that’s more formatting issues that’s getting kicked down the road to deal with next week.

Meanwhile it turns out that my first session assistant (I have two of them, one for each session, aaaaahhhhhhh) and I work great together (we switched up nicely and managed to not talk over each other by accident, and still have a few rough patches to work out with the system we’re developing but we’ll get there) so that was awesome.

All I managed to do project wise was realise that the curve hair down looked awful and started the agonising layering of polygon down.

Screenshot 20230130 190433

I did play around with the array modifier first and maybe it is probably actually quicker but the amount it was doing my head in affected my perception of time and it felt like it was taking about the same amount of time to just duplicate move them myself (though in reality I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anywhere near the same amount of time).

image 234

It’s not looking too awful, I’m just really not enjoying this, it’s very tedious. Hopefully the feather patterning will be more fun.

I’m likely to lag a bit with project stuff and hive stuff over the next couple of weeks as I try to figure out new rhythms with work and things, hopefully not to the extent that I have to miss progblogs due to lack of prog.