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Sharing is...

posted on: Saturday, 1 September 2012 @ 11:58pm in

…privacy concerning if you’re one of those people that object to things like tracking you around the internet, and not a big deal if you’re not.

It bugs me a little bit (especially as I realised recently that I’d forgotten to mention tracking cookies and scripts etc that would have been coming from the share module I was using in my privacy thing) so in the event it bugs anyone who happens to drop by I’ve replaced the module I was using for sharing with [Social Share Privacy](Social Share Privacy). Anywhere you see +1/Like/Pin/Tweet/etc buttons on a website, it’s set scripts and cookies and things in your browser already (unless you have a Fortified Firefox). What this module does is load the button image for the socnet in question but doesn’t set the cookie or the scripts etc. Your first click will activate the button so it can plant its cookies and scripts and do its little tracking thing. Your second click will launch the sharing thing.