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Changing the world to be ours

Rewrite the Stars songpic

No story for this one as it would never happen because Jinn would never willingly do something so dangerous XD  (I do have a scene where he has to dive after Zara when she jumps off a building to escape from Red, but that was out of necessity)

The idea for this came about after listening to the song "Rewrite the Stars" from The Greatest Showman:


I actually wanted to animate it and ironically probably could have animated it in the ridiculous amount of time it took me to do the comicky layout and all the associatedwork...IF I'd had the models ready to go which I don't yet and that's what I'm going to be getting stuck back into.  Also need to fix up some stuff with the base models (mostly the shape of the hands and shorten slightly-too-long legs) and do the texture tests I want to do aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And the transitioning perspective was nightmare.  Hopefully scrolling down and only seeing it in sections will spare you my headache XD


March ProgBlog #4: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I got to the last frame!

Screenshot 20190327 214720

And then the proverbial excrement impacted the thermantidote.

Earlier, we'd finall found a house that everyone really liked, so we'd popped an offer on, put our house on the market and started making plans.  Of course, some idiot then decided they absolutely had to have it at all costs and they were able to make an unconditional offer so we were forced to withdraw by a clause in the contract which we hadn't been particularly worried about because the house had been sitting on the market for over a hundred days and we figured if anyone had been interested it would have gone by now.


March ProgBlog #3: nearly there

I needed a day to work on a birthday present for my favourite sibling.  Prior to that, here's about where I was up to.

Screenshot 20190322 205030


March ProgBlog #2: was this where the rail was?

I fell so far off the track I'm not sure I'll be able to find it again, maybe it was a cliff I plummeted off? Who thought building a railroad through this kind of territory was a good idea?

Guess I'll just have to make yet another one.  Again.  There's probably a perfectly good plain not far away that would have made for a much easier journey too.

Screenshot 20190315 214302


March ProgBlog #1: after an excessive delay

I honestly did not mean to go this long without producing a progblog :|

I have the excuse of being on Christmas Island, hanging with family and absolutely not enjoying the experience of working on my Surface Pro (I hate Windows) in January.


October ProgBlog #3: momentary confusion

I did the other two progblogs pretty much back to back and managed to forget that and thought I was doing 2 now but apparently I'm up to 3, getting old in my old age and a bit more sleep wouldn't be remiss either.

I still have a process/progress video for Embers but I've decided I'm way too lazy to edit it and just need to finish Embers because it's already November next month and while I would love to make a tiny bit more steem for hayrunners I also want to progress all the other stuff (including the stuff I'm "supposed" to be doing! XD) and end of year stuff is ramping up so things are going to get busier soon.  Fortunately the gymnastics end of year display didn't clash with the dance end of year concert!


October ProgBlog #2: nearly forgot!

And if I don't do it tonight it will be late again as busy weekend is busy!

The process video wasn't done in time so it may make the next week's progblog or alternately it may never see the light of day, depending entirely on whether or not I finish Embers over the next week.  I did finish frame 3:

Screenshot 20181005 222036


October ProgBlog #1: running late!

Because I was struggling with editing the video and the spacebar on my keyboard has decided to play silly buggers, something has come loose on the right side so when I hit it on that side it doesn't always bother to do its job and is depressing unevenly.  I have had to switch to using my left hand to do space and am finding it awkward and infuriating.  So I'm going to try one of those clackety mechanical monstrosities and give this one to 13yo as he has a really ancient keyboard  that we had lying around and it's a bit more worn out than this one is.

So here I'm working on light 1 and shadow 2 in the second frame.


Meanwhile I've actually finished  the second frame:


Tell me baby, what's your story?

Zara showing off while talking to Zul'jinn

Where you come from and where you wanna go this time?

Zara and Zul'jinn hanging out in a courtyard either at Zara's aprtment complex or more likely Juan's place.

There isn't so much rhyme or reason to this, it just kind of happened while I was listening to the chorus of Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Tell Me Baby.  As a young adult most of Zara's gymnastics skills simply augment her fighting style but every now and again she likes to randomly show off.  I think she's going into a straddle press handstand on the wall.

One of these days I will do nice rather than sketchy close ups of the tattoos.


Crossbow Hailstorm 3

Tsa'run and Zul'jinn fleeing crossbow-wielding maniacs

The young High Prince fled the conference room, the nightmarish chaos fading behind him, only to be replaced by pursuing wing beats.  Tears blurred his vision.  Zul'jinn normally loved flying through the open areas but now they were too open, there was nowhere to hide.  Behind him he could just hear the sounds of crossbows arming up.  How could this happen? I don't want to die! He was barely aware of the nearby mewling sound, not really registering the fact that he was the source of it.

There was a walkway, maybe he could duck inside and hide.  He wouldn't reach it in time.  He didn't want to die, he didn't want to die he didn't...