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AER ProgBlog: more retopo and another character backstory piece

I was supposed to do this before Silly Season kicked all the way in and...well I'm in some downtime before it arcs up fully so here we go XD

Retopo is going slowly and painfully as per usual.  I just have to finish the wings and then I can start painting, and hope that my retopo job isn't completely crap and that he animates all right.  Then after that I have to fix the rig and give him some hair and then maybe have a little fun while I work out who I'm doing next.

Screenshot 20171217 194818


Very late Thursday streaming!

This one is from last Thursday! A lot of stuff happened that prevented solid work on it so it ended up getting dragged out for the entire week! And then I didn't stream this Thursday because other stuff had to happen.  But we got there eventually! In this one I finish off High and continue working on Red.  Digits are my nemesis (yes I have several of them).

Track list


Thursday streaming

Who would have thought that editing a 6 hour video would take longer than a 3 hour one? Additionally I had some fun and drama with KDEnlive, apparently its annoying settings are per project; I had to specifically tell it to use most of my cores for rendering as it kept trying to use one and overheating my computer which caused it to hang and made me mad.  And even after telling it to use 7 threads (so I could have one to do stuff with) as it turned out I had to just sit and let it do its thing all by itself as if I attempted to use my computer while it was rendering something would violently overheat and then the computer would hang.

If it keeps that up I'm not sure how I'm ever going to render out episodes.  Good thing I'm not planning any feature films!


Forgot I was supposed to be streaming update

My headache has finally cleared but my shoulder is still hurting like hell so I managed to completely forget about streaming this weekend, not that I would have been able to stream for more than an hour anyway at the rate I was going, had to take very frequent breaks!

Retopo is another thing that really isn't my friend so even if I did know a way to reuse retopo models I would likely just keep doing retopo per character just for practice.

I usually start with eyes and go out from there but this time I started on the nose because there's a million loops in the nose (okay three).  Then laughed when I started the eye loops (the ones in the pic didn't stay as I ended up doing them differently) as I thought it looked like one of those comical scenes where the character is doing those facial things involving green stuff on the face and cucumbers or some other fruit on the eyes and have to come rushing out for whatever reason.


Thursday streaming

Yep I'm trying to stream again.  I'm currently looking at Thursdays again (because that's when the inlaws come down to hang with the grandkids and then somehow my house gets cleaned in the meantime, yes I have awesome relatives), Tuesday nights and one of the two weekend days (which one will depend on what is going on at the time), won't be announcing them til I can make sure the schedule works reliably though.  If you're keen as mustard you can still drop in if you like though.


Wish you would step back from that ledge my friend...

Za'haran thinking about ending it

It was a long way down.

He didn't have to use his wings.

There was no point.  There was nothing in him.  He was nothing.  It didn't matter.  He didn't matter.

Za'haran shifted closer to the edge, automatically curling his feet against the wall n preparation for a takeoff.

Dive or just pin drop?

It didn't matter.  The result would be the same.  A terrible mess, just like his life.  He didn't matter.

Through the numbness, pain.  Gnawing, grating, demanding.  He bit his lip, tried to ignore it.  It wouldn't be ignored.  He fought down the reflex to raise his wings in preparation for flight, kept them firmly pinned to the ground so they could aid the push off.  If he had been taking off, it would have seriously messed it up, possibly even dangerously so.  What did it matter? He didn't want to live anyway.  What was the point?


Red WIP - very slowly getting there

3d Coat screenie - sculpt nearly done

Felt like posting a quick screenie as I haven't done a public wip for a while (there's a couple on Patreon that are well before this stage).  Still have to do his wings, hands, feet and tail but am pretty happy with how he turned out.

Because I'm nearing completion I'm getting that post-completion anxiety of IS IT GOOD ENOUGH? HAVE I MISSED ANYTHING? AM I GOING TO HATE IT AS SOON AS I CALL IT DONE?

On the bright side the last thing hasn't happened for a very long time, and as I'm at the point where I haven't felt the need to completely redo all my bases I am reasonably certain that if I find anything I'm unahppy with I should be able to just fix it.


Za'haran sketchies

Red sketchies

Sunday streaming was a bit messy today and will probably be messy over the next couple of Sundays as I continue struggling with logistics, and then will stop completely because I'm going home for a month!

Then it got cut short because there was a few too many heavy thundercracks that sounded on top of my house so I shut the computer down.

 In  my continued attempts to try for a sketch every day I decided to do  reference/study style shots (I find those hard going as well but easier  than pinups, at least they serve some kind of purpose, I am slightly  addicted to storytelling I guess).  It worked out pretty well for this  one, got done pretty quickly.

Then I decided to colour it.

Oh well, I can call it a colour reference or something now I guess.


First sculpt done

First character done finally I think

And as I said "done" and took and saved the screenshot, I went and made the knees less prominent.  Roughly a month (~4 weeks) rather than one year which is much more betterer.

And now to Blender to retopo, add the tail blade (well kind of a paddle in his case) and the wing membranes, and texture and rig.  This might be the first one I do in Blender as I haven't done any more work on Twilight since finishing the subdivision.  I don't think it will mind too much.  I am being optimistic thinking everything will just fall into place nicely and work, but I am really glad I can fall back to Lightwave if things get too maddening.

Currently sitting on 348 972 tris.


Torso and arms

I had thought maybe I shouldn't post any more 3d stuff til I got to render stage, but then I optimistically decided that some people might like seeing the build in progress, and those that don't can just ignore them til there's something pretty.

So here's a shot of the mostly completed face with the wireframe turned on so show off how well Sculptris retopos the mesh and the dynamic topography (the dense spots on the arms are accidental touches). 

Sculptris wireframe example

It'll be pretty awful for rigging and animating but it's awesome for what I'm using it for, especially when I finally learned to mostly ignore the mesh and got comfortable with the process.

Started work on torso in Sculptris