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July ProgBlog #4: eternal scales

I feel like I've been doing this forever.

still drawing scales

Have I mentioned how much I didn't want to be doing this again?

On the bright side it is at least organised a lot better this time even if it's probably overkill as far as textures are concerned, and I hope it looks better, and I'm about two thirds of the way through the yellow so I'm approaching halfway?


July ProgBlog #3: why does it have to be scales

Once again, doing a bit more work on character portraits than 3d, because my brain just doesn't want to deal with the scales.  I eventually decided to keep my character consistent with the other ones (Captain Gundry and Bricky Steve) rather than doing the different headshots (partly because I'm kind of designing the outfit and the "weapon" which isn't an actual weapon, just something she uses to beat people up with when she isn't riding around on it, on the fly and mostly because it is going to take the better part of forever if I do it that way, now at least I have some idea of when I might finish).

I'm halfway through 2/5.


Bricky Steve

Bricky Steve - World of Darkness player character

Bricky Steve is 16yo's friend's (aka "the other 16yo") player character, a mage who accidentally created a "perfect brick" (known as "The Ubrick" as they portmanteaud uber brick) and is now on a mission to try and recreate it, and thus developed an obsession with bricks.  It's only us players that seem to call him Bricky Steve, he's just "Steve" to the other characters.

He lives and works on Captain Gundry's airship and seeems to be maintenance personnel more than anything (he's spec'd mental/social/physical) as in the last session he stayed on board with Gundry and Yue while everyone else (including 16yo's character) raided another ship, and did a lot of magic repairs to the balloon when their ship came under Umbral attack.

He's also an apprentice to some obscenely high level mage


July ProgBlog #1: tattoo artistry

I've always had a great respect for tattoo artists.  I may or may not have mentioned the first time I did these tattoos that that respect increased by roughly an order of magnitude because unlike me they don't have undo buttons.  And somehow can make things look good from most angles.  I'm really feeling that again.

Also despite having had to do it for this version I still don't understand how people paint from colour blocks.

Perhaps because I finally have a vague idea what I'm doing, I managed to finish the dragon a lot quicker.

Zara's dragon tattoo v2


Captain Gundry

Captain Gundry - NPC in World of Darkness chronicle

The "scary crow captain" is supposed to have Appearance 1 (World of Darkness for ugly/unpleasant looking) but I seem to only be able to draw Appearance 2 (average) characters (as I found out as mine is supposed to be Appearance 3 and that's not going too well either).

I tried >_>

On the bright side it's not his appearance that makes him scary, it's the fact he's a stupidly high level character.

Captain Gundry is the NPC captain of a pirate airship sloop in a World of Darkness game (set in a steampunk AU).  The players have all ended up aboard his ship somehow or other (one of the friends seems to have been already on there, eldest's character was rescued from a slaver ship and then recruited, and mine was supposed to sneak aboard and stow away but as some circumstances changed drastically in the prelude which meant she had lost her reason for stowing away, has ended up just being brought aboard by the "scary crow captain" himself).



My World of Darkness dragon pooka character

One of my World of Darkness characters Liana in her fae mien. She's a 14yo dragon pooka. When she snaps her fingers, whatever she's looking at or towards changes colour and/or pattern randomly.  Make sure you're the same colours ;)


Watch that back hand

World of Darkness kitsune character

My World of Darkness kitsune character, Yue.  Her English name is Kit Fox, because I like Mechwarrior and felt like I had to :P She's probably bad tempered because someone teased her about her name ;)