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August ProgBlog #3: Weakling!

Today was the last day of regionals at our gym, there were three rounds of level 3s, then 11yo and I stayed to help reset the gym back to normal for training for states in ~4 weeks.

I'm feeling kind of pathetic as after guarding doors for two weekends and helping move heavy equipment everything from the back down are pretty sore (okay in hindsight it was probably stupid to lift the big p-bars by myself but I have good stances, maybe not as good as Zip's but all I had to do was lift each end in turn so the floor protectors could be put under the feet) and...apparently while I can still use my hands for typing and poking at touch screens, I can't draw.  Well I can but working on @f3nix's piece is taking way more concentration than it should.


August ProgBlog #2: One step forward

And hopefully I'm not going to have any more backwards steps as I'm thoroughly over them!

Our club is hosting regionals so weekend just gone has been extremely busy (hence why progblog is late) and there is another one is coming up next weekend which will hopefully be not quite as busy.  With luck I'll have this week's progblog done on time, but it depends on whether we need to help set up on Friday night (as I tend to make progblogs on Friday nights, I do try to post them then as well but it can end up being sometime on the weekend if I don't finish on time.

So not a whole lot of progress this week. Red got some eyebrows:


How high can you fly with broken wings?

The wing rig before weight maps kept it roughly in shape

Weight mapping and adjusting geometry on wings. Still a way to go, obviously.


Rig testing and weight mapping

4 stills from a 22 second animation showing progress on the rig and weight map

Grabs from a 22 second animation made for the express purposes of testing my rig and making some weight maps.