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To some value of working

Please excuse the slight headache that is the abrupt camera movement towards the end (and maybe don’t watch it if you get motion sick easily ^_^;), I only half-arsed fixed a lot of things after changing the framerate from 24 to 60. There are so many things I need to fix. Including I forgot to turn the arm socks collection back on (I could have sworn I had) but I’m not rerendering this just for that, so you can instead see why she usually wears arm socks.

October ProgBlog #1: running late!

Because I was struggling with editing the video and the spacebar on my keyboard has decided to play silly buggers, something has come loose on the right side so when I hit it on that side it doesn’t always bother to do its job and is depressing unevenly. I have had to switch to using my left hand to do space and am finding it awkward and infuriating. So I’m going to try one of those clackety mechanical monstrosities and give this one to 13yo as he has a really ancient keyboard that we had lying around and it’s a bit more worn out than this one is.

steem upgoat comment footer process

I was going to make a comment footer anyway (which turned out to be bigger than I thought on busy, couldn’t get Krita to resize it without things going stupid though) and decided to make a process video purely for testing out dtube and bitchute. DTube was a bit of a problem as I couldn’t figure out how to get it to recognise that I have a local ipfs node.

Thursday streaming

Who would have thought that editing a 6 hour video would take longer than a 3 hour one? Additionally I had some fun and drama with KDEnlive, apparently its annoying settings are per project; I had to specifically tell it to use most of my cores for rendering as it kept trying to use one and overheating my computer which caused it to hang and made me mad. And even after telling it to use 7 threads (so I could have one to do stuff with) as it turned out I had to just sit and let it do its thing all by itself as if I attempted to use my computer while it was rendering something would violently overheat and then the computer would hang.

Thursday streaming - now with a process video

This one’s especially for @jedau on Steemit hive who has made numerous requests for a process video. So here’s me retopologising Za’haran/Red like I know what I’m doing, 3hrs timelapsed into ~8.5mins (bonus: learned KDEnlive). I apologise if the flinging around in and outside the head I was doing gives anyone motion sickness. And who knew trying to credit everything I was listening to would take all day, might never do that one again XD