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Vaguely realistic vaporeon used DIVE!

My entry for JWiesner’s Great Pokemon Underwater Race. Version with background posted everywhere but dA because I think it looks better, transparent version on dA as that’s what’s required for the collab. As with the last one, not quite down to the wire, I lost a lot of time being sick for a month and then most of the time spent was in the render (there was a fair bit that went into retopo but purely because I’m not good at it and will probably need to redo it at some stage).

Before the Race II

Only just managed another Before the Race, and only because I took way too many shortcuts with Lyric (think I’m going to have to completely redo her whenever I get around to it). Unfortunately the shortcuts were necessary as I lost a month to unexpected sickness -_- (of the kind that quite literally flattens you) Here she is fitting in harness in preparation so he of course has to try to turn around and slobber all over her face because that’s what anything remotely dog-shaped does.

Realistic vaporeon works in progress

I wanted the texture to be like the viewport render, but it ended up being one glossy vaporeon. He’ll do. Working full time on this now to get it done by the deadline. I was doing really well til I got sick, stupid sickness XD On the bright side, I learned a fair bit about 3d Coat and going back and forth between it and Blender. This work by ryivhnn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.