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May ProgBlog #2: character roll

There’s really not a lot of prog to blog as I’m well and truly stuck again. Very slowly doing the step by step caching physics thing to frame 0 (something keeps going wrong and making me have to start again and it’s not fun for anyone) which is exactly what I was doing last week. @rainite asked me about my characters on Discord and I said I’d done a few and would so a summary post for them, and figured I may as well chuck it in this progblog because it’s kind of prog (just over a longer period than a week) rather than making a separate summary post (which feels like cheating because I’ve posted all of these pics before, if it’s in a progblog as a progress thing it feels slightly less like cheating even though it’s basically the same thing, see it’s this kind of logic that allows people to justify idiocy).


Thud. Rattle rattle. Thud thud thud. Rattle rattle. Shu’karr glanced at the time on his comm, wondering how long his triad leader had been here already. Tsa’run always made it a point to be at least fifteen minutes early to meets. Shu’karr had rocked up half an hour earlier than their appointed time, and from the sounds of things Tsa’run was well settled in. Shu’karr quietly shut his bag into a locker and walked to the doorway to the training room.

Family time

Ae’nur touched down a sensible distance from the water’s edge, watching with a smile as her exuberant eight year old son landed knee deep with a splash, flicking up a spray with wings and tail and giggling with delight. His hair was only just long enough to pull into a topknot like his father’s and he wore the pathetic little makeup brush with such pride. She had struggled not to laugh when she had done his hair and she struggled not to laugh now as she watched it fluffing about on the top of his head.

Crossbow Hailstorm 3

The young High Prince fled the conference room, the nightmarish chaos fading behind him, only to be replaced by pursuing wing beats. Tears blurred his vision. Zul’jinn normally loved flying through the open areas but now they were too open, there was nowhere to hide. Behind him he could just hear the sounds of crossbows arming up. How could this happen? I don’t want to die! He was barely aware of the nearby mewling sound, not really registering the fact that he was the source of it.


There was that warning prickle in the air. Tsa’run didn’t give any indication of noticing, glancing around with his eyes. This particular walkway was usually quiet at this time of day, and nothing seemed out of place. Except for Es’tad stepping out suddenly in front of him, his impressive mohawk rippling slightly. Tsa’run faltered then, the ingrained habit to stop and greet his superior checked by a gut feeling. Sensing his uncertainty, Es’tad grinned with definite malice, then launched at him.


Lord Tsa’run, general, Inquisitor and bodyguard to High Prince Zul’jinn. Another draw it again, the painfully cringeworthy original was done in 2003 and available for Patreons to laugh at. Redone as a sketch because it was supposed to be quick, but this way of colouring takes a while and is quite enjoyable. At this rate though AU$10 might be a bit of a bargain XD Anyway I probably just wanted to draw these two characters interacting in the original drawing so I have exactly no idea what’s going on here.