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3D Coat/Blender notes: Getting ptex textures from 3d Coat to Blender

tl;dr: bake the damn things.

After painting, from the paint room go to Textures > Texture Baking Tool

3d Coat Texture Baking Tool menu item

Fill in the stuff on the dialogue box as appropriate (I have no idea how correct my settings are, I tend to take a best guess with anything I don't know :P)

3d coat texture baking dialogue


3d pikachu wip

3d pikachu

Testing out 3dCoat's sculpting tools as well.  Roughed out shape with voxels then switched to live clay for detailing.  Painted and autopo'd and automapped (I swear that thing is going to make me so slack - the manual retopo tools are also pretty awesome) and exported but haven't fired it up in Blender yet.


Colour mapped bulbasaur

3d bulbasaur

Testing out 3d Coat (which I ended up buying after all of one day).  I'm going to have to improve my texturing skills now that I have a kickass texture painter.


3d mega-pidgeot progress

Starting work on my entry for The Great Pokemon Sky Race Collaboration.  I need to do another version of 3d-fyn (because the last one blew up while I was fiddling with something, probably the rig, and then I reworked Base's rig anyway) as well.  3d-fyn will be riding Flashwing (pidgeot from my Pokemon Yellow game) in mega-evolution (I think mega evolutions are kinda dumb really, however mega-pidgeot form is theoretically big enough to carry 3d-fyn otherwise we'd need an enormous pidgeot).

Build list


Blender notes: extremely basic hair

When I did the head hair I did a scalp (copy of the...uh...scalp on the top of the head where the hair is growing out of shrunk down to fit just inside the head) with its own material to colour the hair strands because it was the easiest thing to do as the hair strands pick up whatever texture is applied to the geometry.  Wasn't too crazy about the extra geometry but couldn't work out how everyone else on the planet had done it so crashed around the particle system and node tree til I got something going.

Add the hair in the usual fashion:

Blender notes initial hair setup


3d-fyn hair progression

I have no idea what I'm doing (despite reading the internet).

I had to redo the hair emitters about a million times because I kept blowing something up (and not knowing what I blew up, but combing strands in Particle Mode is kind of amusing for a while).  When I finally got that sorted my first test looked like a polyp colony.

Blender hair polyp colony

When I eventually got something I liked I couldn't work out how to get the red (which is actually supposed to be bleached but I just grabbed a random high constrasting colour at the time) to just be on the mohawk (probably needed a uv map) and then the fuzz on the side was playing silly buggers.


3d-fyn work in progress shots

When I'm not finding UV mapping agonisingly quirky, I'm being frustrated by Blender's borderline unusable viewport lagginess at 2.2M polys.  There is some progress being made.  UV mapping was interesting as I couldn't figure out how to project onto part of a mesh like I've done previously in Lightwave so I ended up mapping the entire object om question.  For the shirt I just painted the whole thing and ued minimal nodes for colour and bump maps.  For the tattoos and face markings I stuffed around a hell of a lot with the skin shader and eventually got them on there but it now means I have blue freckles instead of dark brown.

3d-fyn showing uv mapped shirt and blue freckles (oops)


Base rig test

This is another one of those rare instances where I post to an external site before the blog.

I haven't had a chance to set up a video thingi yet and am not willing to do it from Christmas Island (internet is tooooooooo slooooooowwwwwwww) so I am attempting to finally try to start getting over the grudge I have against Google over their mind numbingly idiotic real names policy that resulted in the nymwars (to their credit they have seemed to realise how stupid the policy was and how stupid it made them look and are now letting people call themselves whatever, and are now no longer forcing Youtube channels to be attached to G+ pages if you decide you don't actually want to use your own name, I have decided I seriously can't be bothered trying to recreate my old ryivhnn channel.


Agonisingly simple shaders

Learning how to texture in Blender.  Here we have agonisingly basic skin, lip, eye and teeth shaders (the teeth were so basic that if I'd been using Lightwave I wouldn't have bothered with nodes but Blender seems to use nodes for anything more complicated than a colour it seems, which is cool).  Should hopefully be able to build on them on a per character basis.


ryivhnn v2

ryivhnn v2 with better results from the skin shader

Rapture and armageddon and all that are upon us, and as per usual Josh has taken the kids to Tao's Auskick game and I stayed home, trained the dogs (could have gone for another 5mins on top of what I did do but I got defeated by the cold) and ripped through an Anki session with a Lojban gismu deck.  We know we're not going anywhere.

With the few precious moments of time alone, I then plugged into Lightwave for more practise on avatars before tackling AEfter Ragnarok characters.