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sustainable development

Not quiet on the !schooling front

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] I just haven’t been writing about it. Last week, 6yo drew a picture of Venom from Spiderman with black whiteboard marker on paper, including sounding out the name and checking with JJ after writing it out. This week just gone has been crazy. Monday Stay home day. Started off fine. I opted to sleep in (ie stay in the nice warm bed snuggled up with the nice warm kids until they woke up).

World has problems. Quit the rhetoric and fix it.

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] [I was leeching a bunch of images which have since vanished] What I love best about my current job is the inclination of the supervisor to tend towards wanting to “get shit done”. As with all large projects (and it is a decent sized Drupal project we’re working on), you want to plan it as best you can to try to minimise stuff-ups and associated explosions down the track.

Taking over the world, one verge at a time

[imported from livejournal and backdated] Perth Natural Learning Network Dwellingup Camp Once upon a time when JJ and I only had two kids, we slowly amassed a collection of camping gear including a three room mini-house, sleeping bags rated to -5C, and a pile of crockery from BCF and various army surplus stores. All this was foiled when I got pregnant for the third and last time. Over the weekend just gone we added a fold-up accordionesque queen sized bed with blow up mattress and a bunk camp bed to our arsenal and sallied forth to Lane-Poole Reserve in Dwellingup with a wonderful group of people, our partners in thoughtcrime, fellow “unschoolers” from the newly named (but not newly formed, been going for at least two years) Perth Natural Learning Network.