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Not quiet on the !schooling front

I just haven't been writing about it.

Last week, Tao drew a picture of Venom from Spiderman with black whiteboard marker on paper, including sounding out the name and checking with Josh after writing it out.

Venom drawn with black whiteboard marker on paper

This week just gone has been crazy.


World has problems. Quit the rhetoric and fix it.

What I love best about my current job is the inclination of the supervisor to tend towards wanting to "get shit done".  As with all large projects (and it is a decent sized Drupal project we're working on), you want to plan it as best you can to try to minimise stuff-ups and associated explosions down the track.

What you don't want is to get caught in this endless planning loop trying to cover every possible thing that could go wrong and never start.  At some point you just have to suck it up, expect there to be unforeseen difficulties and get on with it.

I feel that there's a lot of rhetoric arguments over "smoke and mirror" problems, which detract from the problems that are causing the "smoke and mirror" problems.  Once these underlying problems have been dealt with, they should magically fix pretty most if not all the "smoke and mirror" problems.  My "solutions" probably still have logic flaws and are extremely basic with no implementation plans or costings because I'm speaking very top level generically and it's going to vary from area to area.


Taking over the world, one verge at a time

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