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super loose course outline

Super loose outline for pharmacy/biomed/biotech that spans as long as you want for homeschoolies

This was written for my 15yo who hates bookwork but has grudgingly accepted that that’s how some things have to be learned. It was written to squeeze in once a week but ideally should probably be done every day (he is trying at least XD). If you’re a bit more enthusiastic you can substitute the ORs for ANDs. Maths Two pages out of each workbook OR one section out of each of the following Khan Academy courses:

Super loose outlines for law and marine biology that spans as long as you want for homeschoolies

This is primarily for my boys (14yo is currently interested in law, 10yo in marine biology). We use Khan Academy because that was what was freely available when I started looking into homeschooling resources. First and foremost Everything requires basic literacy and numeracy. So get through the high school maths on KA (start at your grade level, if it’s too hard, play down, if it’s too easy, play up, if you’re in high school/over grade 8 and it’s too hard, keep dropping til you can do it, then work back up).