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Stars Glow

Zara and Megan chilling looking at the stars

Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you
Go see the world coz it's all so brand new
Don't close your eyes coz your future is ready to shine
It's just a matter of time before we learn how to fly
Welcome to the rhythm of the night
There's something in the air you can't deny...

- Owl City: When Can I See You Again

Saving as a png ate my colours again.  I really need a 16bit image format that browsers can understand.



Neopolitan (partial nudity)

close up of Zara and Dak's tattoos

This has been the better part of a week in the making.  Almost full days because I stupidly thought that I would get it done next session.  I now have headache-caused-by-terrible-posture and my neck is violently out again.  Pro-tip: do not spend hours a day hunched over a tablet.  And while I'm not completely happy with it I'm happy enough to post it.  And obviously I need a hell of a lot more practice with dark scenes.

There is a story behind this one, but not one that I normally try to write to accompany pieces.


In the heat of summer sunshine

Zara at her mother's tree

I miss you like nobody else.

The memorial forest was quiet.  It usually was, especially at this time of day.  Walking on autopilot with her head down, Zara unerringly wended her way to the tree she wanted.  The markers were all identical; elegant stone slabs extending a metre and a half out of the ground in their neat little rows.  The trees were a bit more individual, growing wild and free.  The marker simply said "In loving memory".  Zara absently touched the screen on the top of the marker.  It brought up a timeline of all the people that had been buried under that tree.

The most recent one was her mother.


Tell me baby, what's your story?

Zara showing off while talking to Zul'jinn

Where you come from and where you wanna go this time?

Zara and Zul'jinn hanging out in a courtyard either at Zara's aprtment complex or more likely Juan's place.

There isn't so much rhyme or reason to this, it just kind of happened while I was listening to the chorus of Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Tell Me Baby.  As a young adult most of Zara's gymnastics skills simply augment her fighting style but every now and again she likes to randomly show off.  I think she's going into a straddle press handstand on the wall.

One of these days I will do nice rather than sketchy close ups of the tattoos.


Stag leap

Younger Zara doing a stag leap

I dashed this one off instead of doing things I should have been doing.  I'm such a rebel.  The pony stag leap was so that I decided to do the human version as well.  Well before she was a thief and a vigilante, Zara was a gymnast.  The stag leap was one of her favourite jumps, though she doesn't do it often anymore, in favour of her favourite flip, the split-legged back sault which she happily adapted into her signature backflip kick.

Even with bases foreshortening is still my nemesis!


Blind push hands

Zara and Dak playing blind push hands

Super quickie sketch before bed (and because I'm late getting to bed again (which means I've once more failed at trying to get to bed early, really need to stop it with the bloody late nights! XD), no story with this one, sorry.

Zara and Dak playing blind push hands during one of their common training sessions.  Zara is supposed to have her goggles around her neck but I forgot to draw them before I coloured the top.  Oops.


Black Fingernails, Red Wine

Strike's crew at a meet

A prickle of nervousness crawled up Silver's spine and settled at the nape of his neck as he followed Aurelius up the very familiar corridor towards one of The Geisha's private rooms.  He didn't usually get nervous going into or even at meets.  He was good at what he did and had an excellent track record for getting favourable outcomes for himself and his employer (not necessarily so much for the other party but that wasn't really his problem).

He hadn't thought twice when Strike had told him that he would be sending his kids to this meet instead of attending himself.  He'd figured it would be a walk in the park, a regrettable occurrence for Strike and the Reavers and the pretty little lamb Strike was sending to slaughter.


Black Fingernails wip

Work in progress

Worked on this the last couple of stream sessions, posted works in progress to Patreon and realised that I've been completely forgetting to post public wips (which is completely unsurprising as while I do post occasional works in progress they are occasional so it was actually pretty easy for me to forget with all the other stuff going on).  I also wanted to show @jedau the kind of stuff that takes me forrrreeeeeeeeevvvaaaaaaarrrrrrrr XD

This was supposed to be a sketch of Megan (to the tune of Black Fingernails, Red Wine by Eskimo Joe which is what spawned the original concept, I have several failed sketches in my sketchbook).  Then it kinda grew.  Out of control.  Like most of the things I do.


Pod ride

Zara and Dak having a moment

Unlike the silence of the pod, which was broken only by the pods own humming, Dakarai's head was full of tumultuous, confused thoughts.

They'd looked.  They'd kept looking.  They hadn't given up.

The last few days...or was it weeks? He wasn't sure.  Either way, it had been a seriously unpleasant blur.

He'd hurt Zara.  He glanced sideways at her, perched nervously on the comfortably worn seat beside him.  That had been the start of the downward spiral.  They'd been training, he couldn't understand the technique Juan was showing them.  Zara picked up everything so easily.  Frustration was normal, but then it had been intolerable.  He hadn't meant to hit her that hard.  Then Juan had confronted him about his stim usage.  Dakarai bristled slightly.  Juan wasn't his father, he didn't have any right to tell him what to do.

But he didn't give up.


Zara sketchies

Zara sketchdump

Super quickie sketches of Zara, 10-11 years old doing gymnastics and probably 17 or close enough to as she is in the current block I'm working on practising a form or something.  And the one in the middle because I like odd numbers and because I'm trying to work out how to convey expression with those bloody goggles covering half her face all the time!

Also, that ring hold was tough even with a base.