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Fill the darkest night with a brilliant light

Too many gloomydoomers on my hive feed plus listening to Owl City: Shooting Star on loop results in fyn taking too long a break from retopo (this while mildly indfuriating is perfectly normal as fyn usually has to do what art brain says or bad things happen). So this is my “it will be okay, keep going, you’re doing great, we can make things better” because doing this kind of thing is easier than talking XP

Changing the world to be ours

No story for this one as it would never happen because Jinn would never willingly do something so dangerous XD (I do have a scene where he has to dive after Zara when she jumps off a building to escape from Red, but that was out of necessity) The idea for this came about after listening to the song “Rewrite the Stars” from The Greatest Showman: I actually wanted to animate it and ironically probably could have animated it in the ridiculous amount of time it took me to do the comicky layout and all the associatedwork…IF I’d had the models ready to go which I don’t yet and that’s what I’m going to be getting stuck back into.

March ProgBlog #3: nearly there

I needed a day to work on a birthday present for my favourite sibling. Prior to that, here’s about where I was up to. Zul’jinn is done, working on Zara. These ones are pretty quick as they’re tiny. The lighting is a pain though, I don’t think it’s right but currently not sure how to fix it and I’m more interested in finishing and posting it so I can try to next slog through those boring texture tests I have to do.

It gets better...

Please excuse the banding, jpg hates me sometimes. I sent this song to a couple of friends who were having a rough time, as it’s pretty uplifting and the lyrics seem to be about not giving up no matter what life hurls at you. TeamAustralia on steem is currently trying to fund a hayrunners truck, and the not giving up theme seemed appropriate there too. I’m pretty rubbish at explaining why I do anything so have each frame with associated short stories that have something about overcoming whatever life hurls at you because three short stories in one day is easier than explaining stuff.