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March ProgBlog #3: did it work?

I think almost everything where people might gather has pretty much been shut down thanks to dumbarse virus, so we're just at home now aside from when we go out to "exercise" (which is to say the bigs and I aren't really doing much and J is taking youngest skating every day).  I thought an upside would be that I would have more time to work but that has yet to happen.  A lot of it has been to do with staggering around trying to find a new normal, as I don't think we're fully in lockdown so we can still go out, they just want a lot of social distancing so I need to find places that are far enough away from other people to take the kids that I can also drive to without further destroying the problem shoulder, which means we might need to just wait for J and do it over a weekend or have him switch up a work day or something if that's a possibility.  There are some nice bushwalks we could go on but it would just be with the boys as middle child hates bushwalking.


January ProgBlog #2: shenanigans, shenanigans!

Or: why fyn has a ridiculously comprehensive and detailed head universe.

Like all good stories, it started off innocently enough.  I finished eyebrows and eyelashes and did some super quickie expression tests:


My lights are really close and pretty bright hence the intense reflection, if they're still too reflective under normal lighting conditions I'll have to fiddle with the node a bit more. 

Then it was onto clothes.