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silly season

Happy silly season 2023

Happy slightly late silly season! A little bit late due to a combination of family shenanigans and whatnot, forgetting how to draw, doing a different method, realising that method would take too long, attempting to draw again, finally remembering how to draw and then trying to blitz it out around everything else in by then one day left, stymied slightly by a very fun new year party and actually finished it on time but then when I went to export it Krita and/or the MacBook started playing silly buggers and insisted on giving me blurry images and so I airdropped it to sibling dearest to see if she could work something out.

Happy Silly Season 2022

Alternate title: FREEDOM! Which is probably what Zara was screaming into the wind. Don’t do what Zara is doing, it’s very stupid and dangerous. And Megan’s seatbelt is currently not effective so don’t do that either XD And the pod windscreens are actually HUDs and Dakarai is looking at a rear view thing but the HUD can only be seen from inside the pod. The HUD is probably also screaming about an unrestrained passenger.

Happy Silly Season 2019

I wasn’t sure if I would manage a silly season shenanigans this year but successfully squizzled one in. No story, just Taji and Rei spending silly season at the beach as a lot of people living along the coast of Australia do, and building a sandman because it’s summer. There was a bit of fun and games with this one as the dull mix brush (from a brushpack I downloaded) was feeling a bit awkward in one of the Krita point updates and I couldn’t work out why.

Happy (racy) silly season! (nsfw)

Silhouetted raunchiness, don’t come in if you’re a bit prudish :) Cut this one fine again but at least I’m usually up late at this time. When I’m in Perth I’m usually up to see in the new year, and then I stay up another hour til it’s new year for Sprat. I’m home for the holidays this year so no real need to stay up the extra hour :)

Happy (cutesy) silly season!

“Daddy!” Shu’karr smiled even as the excited shrill pierced his ears when he stepped through the portal of his family apartment, dropping his gear to be able to snatch up his exuberant daughter as she barrelled into his arms in a whirl of fluff, and casually kicking the door shut behind him as he stabilised. Coming home while Mya’le was awake was by far the highlight of his days, which were currently short given that it was winter and training was a bit more gruelling than usual due to festive season.

Happy silly season!

“Doesn’t that make your teeth rot?” “It’s worse when you’re with ’em!” Andrew snickered. Zara passed Andrew another box of decorations from the bowels of the shed, surreptitiously observing Dakarai and Megan being cute at each other on the other side of the garden. The bright orangey yellows of the Christmas bush caught her eye. Around this time of year, especially among the people that celebrated Christmas, there seemed to be a tradition of kissing under mistletoe.