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Twilight is exasperated about all the stupidity going on with the tron guy. I was that annoyed that I couldn’t concentrate on stuff I was supposed to be doing so I decided to see if there were any cecaelia in AER because if I have dragonfly, butterfly and moth little people (no beetles though, and there are little Avians and Dragonkin, but they’re all quite rare) then there are probably octopus and eel mers (the only ones I was aware of were cetaceans and fish).

March ProgBlog #1: drama

I missed my Tuesday ko-fi update because there was a huge kerfuffle on steem. I had nothing to do with it (didn’t participate or contribute anything aside from using the rest of my witness votes) because it was way over my head and out of my league. It annoyed me enough that concentrating on anything important was hard so I did what I usually try to do if able when annoyed and drew.