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AER Cameo: Sea Shepherd for @ammonite

I swear I did not forget about the crowd cameos I still have (there’s now two left on my list), I’ve been waiting for @ammonite to get back to me as I tend to do them in the order I get them and then I realised a lot of time had passed x_x So I decided that he was going to be a Selkie sea shepherd of some description (he’s working with some dolphins here, I guess they herd fish or something, so I guess he’d technically be a fisherd?


Apparently there’s a thing called MerMay going on where people are trying to draw merfolk this month. Seemed as good an excuse as any to draw a Selkie as they are in the AER-verse. The Selkies and Nereids are water-based Evolved. The Selkies breathe air, some of them can speak Cetacean and are usually able to flop around on land (to some value). They dehydrate really easily and need to either drink a lot or be wet down on occasion.