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First sculpt done

First character done finally I think

And as I said "done" and took and saved the screenshot, I went and made the knees less prominent.  Roughly a month (~4 weeks) rather than one year which is much more betterer.

And now to Blender to retopo, add the tail blade (well kind of a paddle in his case) and the wing membranes, and texture and rig.  This might be the first one I do in Blender as I haven't done any more work on Twilight since finishing the subdivision.  I don't think it will mind too much.  I am being optimistic thinking everything will just fall into place nicely and work, but I am really glad I can fall back to Lightwave if things get too maddening.

Currently sitting on 348 972 tris.


One 3d App to rule them all

I had Quadrapop over earlier today and she was looking over my shoulder and critting the work I'd done on Red's hands so far.  I am aware the hand is the wrong shape and was planning on fixing that in Lightwave where I have poly modelling tools but after receiving the second degree I got motivated enough to attempt it in Sculptris (after firing up Lightwave and fixing the hands on the base models and putting the legs in Da Vinci pose while I was about it).

Quadrapop had in the meantime headed home so I dropped the following image into a group chat blaming her for the kick up the arse:

Makied hand after using Sculptris grab tool


Torso and arms

I had thought maybe I shouldn't post any more 3d stuff til I got to render stage, but then I optimistically decided that some people might like seeing the build in progress, and those that don't can just ignore them til there's something pretty.

So here's a shot of the mostly completed face with the wireframe turned on so show off how well Sculptris retopos the mesh and the dynamic topography (the dense spots on the arms are accidental touches). 

Sculptris wireframe example

It'll be pretty awful for rigging and animating but it's awesome for what I'm using it for, especially when I finally learned to mostly ignore the mesh and got comfortable with the process.

Started work on torso in Sculptris


You know how I said those horns were done...?

Well, the mesh borked so terribly that I figured I would probably spend about as much time fixing it as I would starting over, so I started over.

Well I was wrong.

The last version of the horns took me about 8 months all up.  I don't want to know how long I would have taken to eventually fix the mesh as I know I spent a good week or so experimenting.  Starting over this version took me...

...wait for it...

...3 days (or the equivalent thereof as long blocks of work are hard to come by).

Starting the horns from sculpt