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3d pikachu wip

3d pikachu

Testing out 3dCoat's sculpting tools as well.  Roughed out shape with voxels then switched to live clay for detailing.  Painted and autopo'd and automapped (I swear that thing is going to make me so slack - the manual retopo tools are also pretty awesome) and exported but haven't fired it up in Blender yet.


Bulbasaur digital sculpt

3d bulbasaur sculpt done in Blender

After a nice evening out with friends I fnished 2015 and started 2016 working on art.  Everything is being progressed and this makes me happy.

Finished a dynatopo sculpt of pixietrix's Bulbasaur.  Probably would have taken somewhere between 2 and 4 hours to do if I hadn't stuffed up the back legs, reverted and ended up a lot further back than expected (because apparently I hadn't saved where I thought I had).

Happy new year ^_^


I want to see your horrendous mistake!

I had spent a decent amount of time regaling 10yo with hilarious episodes of my 3d experimentations revolving around the shenanigans that can happen when one doesn't parent controllers properly or grabs bones instead of controllers by accident and stuff like that.  Then to prove that parents don't know everything I showed him that I was researching some way to use a complete dynatopo sculpt rather than finishing off the multires one I was working on.  While talking to him I started fixing up some errors I hadn't noticed in the dynatopo sculpt at the time and zoomed out a bit too far, causing a brush stroke to remove too much detail over the bit I brushed over.  I cried out "OH CRAP" and promptly hit the undo combo.  10yo came scurrying into the room crying "WAIT I WANT TO SEE YOUR HORRENDOUS MISTAKE!"


Square toes

I was working on 3d-bek's feet when 5yo came in and observed what was on my screen.

3d foot wip

He stared for a little bit, then leaned on my desk so he could pick up and scrutinise his own cute little foot carefully before pointing out that toes weren't square, but at least I got one right.  I told him that my base model was very square and I was fixing it up as I made my characters, and that's what I was doing right now.  He wished me luck fixing it up and trotted on his merry way.  Cutely.

And the foot is coming along nicely.  Be onto UV mapping, cloth dynamics and hair in about that order soonish.


AR notes: sculpting horns

I got stuck in "after I finish this bit" loop again when I thought about taking screenshots.

Twisty horns sculpting in Blender