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Kludgy OBS scene switcher for linux

Edited 2017 Jan 7: made the scripts slightly more reliable (not relying on window ids) but they will now get extremely confused if there’s more than one instance of Blender open Because I’m not smart enough to get the MacOS version of the Automatic Scene Switching plugin for OBS Studio, I gumbied an easy manual one with bash scripts. So there’s some scenes set up in OBS like so: Set shortcuts for the scenes in OBS settings like so:

Work, Wannabe and other projects and a dash of unschooling

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] Firstly, what in the hell is with the life category?! I’ve been (very slowly!) importing livejournal entries so I can replace missing photos. Very minor regret that I didn’t bother skimming through my shadowshifter livejournal before I deleted it as I probably had a few progress reports for my various projects kicking around on it, but oh well.