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January ProgBlog #2

In contrast to characters, furniture is relatively quick and easy to do. Though I did have a massive brainfart moment and temporarily forgot how I’d done woodgrainesque textures as it’s been a while. after I remembered that despite its distinctly woodgrainy appearance I wasn’t supposed to use a Wave Texture, I was supposed to use and distort a Noise Texture, then it came back Sprat and I joked about warning kids with tails to not mess around on the chairs (the usual thing of don’t swing on them etc) and then them falling over and getting their tails kinked and getting stuck in the chairs after falling and having unsympathetic caregivers yelling TOLD YOU.

April ProgBlog #1: Blender 2.92 notes - slightly updated particle hair rig

Finally fought through the painful lag and got rid of all those stupid spikies. This is the most unconvincingly tied ponytail in the history of the known universe and my brain is spazzing between not caring anymore and freaking out because it doesn’t look how I want. It’s driving me to drink. Not really, I just happened to have Midori and lemonade on my desk at the time. I am seriously tossing up between investigating something like Hair Tool and just waiting longer for the new hair system to drop.

October ProgBlog #1: rig testing

Missed a week again, oops :S I was supposed to post on the weekend I posted the last songpic but stuff happened, just not that. Over the last week I finally managed to finish the retopo and apparently it has 8k odd faces with the mirror modifier, more once the subd modifier gets turned on, and probably more again when I get around to applying the mirror modifier which will probably be pretty soon (after I version save XD).

April ProgBlog #4: so near and yet so far

With money being an annoying thing, I’ve moved all of my websites to a local server (that’s sitting on my desk, it’s tiny and adorable), which means it will probably be a bit slower for everyone (though Sprat reckons it’s not too bad and the internet isn’t the greatest on Christmas Island). I also finally got colorbox working with help from a module that extends CKEditor’s link plugin giving it some “advanced” options like the ability to add classes, so you, dear reader, will now be able to click on images to make them much moar biggerer (assuming of course I remember to actually do the extra step to make them so ^_^;).

April ProgBlog #3: the sleeve bone's connected to the...

Actually the clothes bones aren’t connected to anything. I had one more go with playing with lattices and bonevelopes for the croptop rig, and then went back to the straight bonevelope rig and added a few more bones and made all the bones smaller and with smaller envelopes, as I had a lot more control over the shape and the twists of those annoying little shoulder straps with the bonevelope rig.

April ProgBlog #2: the sleeps are borked

For once I actually had a good reason about not getting the progblog done on the Friday. 13yo and I spent the entire day making a sign for a birthday driveby. Saturday was the actual driveby and because I’m really smart and hate driving I decided I would rather hike it in 39C because that’s how much I hate driving (it was just down the road). That coupled with drifting back into habits that I’ve had since childhood that not even 12 years of strict bedtimes and wake up times and attempts that always fail despite people screaming at me that it absolutely is just a bad habit and I’m just not trying hard enough, I quite simply work much, much better at night.

April ProgBlog #1

Guess I better blog the prog even though I don’t feel like there’s a lot of it ^_^; After naffing about yet again with various configurations of bones and lattices and constantly stressing about how I want the bloody end result to look (including whether or not I wanted loose hair to be combed and only wind affected or soft bodied like styled hair will have to be and “have to” is loose because I currently only know one way of styling hair in a fashion I can control), I tried cloth dynamics again with a much higher density and slightly more squarish mesh (and also fixed the mess the pants mesh was, I didn’t realise it had borked badly as I usually look at things like how the screenshots are and without the wireframe lines) and it’s kind of working now.

March ProgBlog #3: did it work?

I think almost everything where people might gather has pretty much been shut down thanks to dumbarse virus, so we’re just at home now aside from when we go out to “exercise” (which is to say the bigs and I aren’t really doing much and J is taking youngest skating every day). I thought an upside would be that I would have more time to work but that has yet to happen.

March ProgBlog #2: slow

Really, really slow. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing half the time, just that there’s been a lot of it, most of it involved frenetically cleaning things to try to keep places open as long as possible (we’re slowly toppling, homeschool group has been cancelled until “later in the year” and gym and dance are struggling on but we’re anticipating possibly being shut down before the school holidays) not to mention the shenanigans with steem I’ve since moved) and I missed last Friday’s progblog (aaargh sorry), Tuesday’s ko-fi update (really sorry!

December ProgBlog #1: kerbstomped by silly season

I shall do my utmost to keep up but this year silly season is seriously kerbstomping me x_x And I don’t think staying up late is helping that much but it feels like it is. We seem to be rigging all right, I did some big motions with limbs and turned her into a pretzel and here I was playing around with small expressions. Split the panels just so I could show the non-animators among us the puppet controls and the result.