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Thursday streaming

Who would have thought that editing a 6 hour video would take longer than a 3 hour one? Additionally I had some fun and drama with KDEnlive, apparently its annoying settings are per project; I had to specifically tell it to use most of my cores for rendering as it kept trying to use one and overheating my computer which caused it to hang and made me mad.  And even after telling it to use 7 threads (so I could have one to do stuff with) as it turned out I had to just sit and let it do its thing all by itself as if I attempted to use my computer while it was rendering something would violently overheat and then the computer would hang.

If it keeps that up I'm not sure how I'm ever going to render out episodes.  Good thing I'm not planning any feature films!


Thursday streaming - now with a process video

This one's especially for @jedau on Steemit who has made numerous requests for a process video.  So here's me retopologising Za'haran/Red like I know what I'm doing, 3hrs timelapsed into ~8.5mins (bonus: learned KDEnlive).  I apologise if the flinging around in and outside the head I was doing gives anyone motion sickness.  And who knew trying to credit everything I was listening to would take all day, might never do that one again XD


Forgot I was supposed to be streaming update

My headache has finally cleared but my shoulder is still hurting like hell so I managed to completely forget about streaming this weekend, not that I would have been able to stream for more than an hour anyway at the rate I was going, had to take very frequent breaks!

Retopo is another thing that really isn't my friend so even if I did know a way to reuse retopo models I would likely just keep doing retopo per character just for practice.

I usually start with eyes and go out from there but this time I started on the nose because there's a million loops in the nose (okay three).  Then laughed when I started the eye loops (the ones in the pic didn't stay as I ended up doing them differently) as I thought it looked like one of those comical scenes where the character is doing those facial things involving green stuff on the face and cucumbers or some other fruit on the eyes and have to come rushing out for whatever reason.


Yet more retopo

Head and torso retopology in Blender 2.71

Head and torso retopologising in Blender 2.71


Head retopo

Alternate title: my Blender muscles are atrophying -_-

I had a lot of work on the last three weeks and have now slowed down as I put out a call for help a couple of days ago and now waiting on a response.  In the meantime I'm slowing down back to normal and getting back into the 3d (no 3d for three weeks make bek something something).  So three weeks ago after stuffing around with the rig I eventually came to the conclusion that the topology around the hips was wrong.  After trying and failing to fix it by spinning edges, I decided to just retopo the whole thing because I wasn't sure about the loops around the face either.

Base head retopo



It's moving at a frightening pace for me as I'm used to doing everything with excruciating slowness.  I love bsurfaces.  It is quite literally the thing that had me giving Blender a go again at that point (previously my Blender attempts were for a couple of weeks once or twice a year, end of last year was a last ditch "this thing is cool so why not let's try it again" and that's when I got it).

Crosshatch retopo with bsurfaces in Blender

Cross-hatching mesh onto the face which I don't do anymore as I eventually found it quicker to just highlight edges and keep extending it rather than constantly merging points (mainly as I don't know how to merge a strip of points)