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my little pony fanart

Pixietrix as a pony

Went through the entirety of today tossing around ideas for sketchies while doing the usual things that I do. Got to the end of the day and 10yo and I had settled in to draw together (well she was drawing, I was 3d-ing) and I mentioned that I didn’t have any ideas for my sketchy today and she said “DRAW ME AS A PONY!” I asked “What’s your special talent?”

If I were a My Little Pony...

My special talent would be inexplicably injuring myself. I have no idea what I did to my toe when I took the kids to the playground but it hurts. It’s currently been strapped (made it up on the fly as I don’t actually know how to strap the end of a foot, and I hate it for the same reason that I hate wearing shoes and even the fact it’s making it hurt less isn’t making it any more tolerable).