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November-December Homeschool Miscellany

As is normal for us, November kind of slowly ground to a halt as there was a rather large thing to take care of and then we focused hard on/got roped into helping with end of year stuff, and December was pretty much a write-off. 15yo worked through a Netflix documentary series about F1 racing as her boyfriend is really into it so she was trying to learn a little more about it.

April Homeschool Miscellany

April was a bit of a blur of late nights and continued chaos. When the budget cycle rolled around we did manage a zoo trip. 16yo refused to wake up, and 14yo, 12yo and 14yo’s SO and I were literally just about to walk out of the house when the outlaws arrived with my 4yo nephew. We told them we were just heading out to the zoo and they were welcome to come along if they wanted, so we all ended up piling back into their car and heading on over.

Massive Christmas Island Photopost 2014-15

Minimal text, many photos, some videos. Mishmash of scenic, happysnaps and homeschooling stuff coz that’s how we roll. Grab a drink and a snack before commencing. First couple of weeks… The airport wait wasn’t terribly exciting but at least there were planes to watch being loaded, taking off and landing. Big asam tree across the road as seen from my bed. It’s always good to be home. Kids helping Nanny and Aunty Sprat put together loot bags for Carols by Candlelight

Unexpected family history and a keyboard

Recently we were at a nephew’s 3rd birthday party. Seeing as we were in the area we followed JJ’s parents back to their place as his dad had said he had a straight razor belonging to his grandfather that JJ might be interested in (seeing as he’s recently gotten into shaving with straight razors). JJ showing 9yo how to examine razor’s edges. Or something. JJ was intending to take the straight razor and clean it up and return it, but FIL said he could keep it and use it but he would be upset if JJ lost it.

!schooling 0000E25c - F02n | 6-10 May

This weekly stuff is tiring. Seriously who reads this anyway? May just start hiding them as I still kind of need to write them. Anyway. Bit of a slow week this week as the kids all caught a cold and I spent a couple of days heroically fending it off. The kids wanted me to teach them how to draw. Actually what they really wanted was for me to magically confer kickass drawing skills onto them.

Music session with Child's Play Music (and other things homeschooly)

[minor pseudonymising edits during Drupal to hugo migration for all the good that will do now] The most recent session at Natural Learning Co-op (formerly known as Learning Hub, apparently there’s another group in the northern suburbs also called Learning Hub, and which I’ll probably shortern to the last word as I’m lazy like that) involved a music session with Alec from Child’s Play Music. He had a huge van full of musical instruments that he’d constructed mostly from recycled materials.