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February ProgBlog #1: slightly less stuck

Happy I Love You Day! I spent Thursday to Sunday not being able to concentrate on any one thing for any length of time and just incrementally advanced a lot of things instead. I don’t know whether I feel somewhat accomplished at getting some work done on a lot of things or deflated because nothing feels done “enough”, but it’s a known thing that my idea of “enough” is actually unrealistic (at least in the timeframes I’ve got).

January ProgBlog #4: slowly slowly

I think the schedule is working so far, it’s just silly things like my general refusal to go to bed at a reasonable hour and general annoyances with youngest refusing to go to bed on time that’s throwing spanners in my works now, in the form of “can’t concentrate for the entire allocated time block”. Now occasionally weird things can happen in 3d either then I’m in the process of building something or when I walk away from a sculpt without really looking at where I stopped.

January ProgBlog #3: not quite there yet

I’m still on an awkward “holiday” schedule (which is as similar as I could make it to the term schedule working around a holiday program that’s running at the moment). I’m still going to bed late and getting up early and really do have to nix that immediately because the memory issues are back in force and I have very definitely slowed down. I’ve been up late making sure roleplaying stuff is sorted out because that’s a thing that happens every weekend.

TTRPG writeups: WoD Modern 2 - Mercenaries #1

Mild content warning: occasional swearing and mild adult themes We had a slight derailment right at the outset as S was unable to make the session. I only do character driven stories so players not being able to make sessions can make things fall apart, so normally we would just skip (I had previously tried to encourage the kids to make Redcaps that we could use in a casual drop-in/out filler game as a Redcap gang lends itself well to that, plus they could get any murderhobo/random dickishness/silly out, but the older boys had decided “Changeling is cringe”).

TTRPG writeups: WoD Modern 2 - Mercenaries #0

System: World of Darkness (edition uncertain as the sourcebooks are all over the joint and also I fudge and homebrew a lot) All players except S were in Modern 1. T reprised his character, the others wanted to try something else. They decided on being a mercenary group comprised of ex-military buddies, except that for some reason which I don’t think even they can explain, they all decided that they were going to be from different countries and not emigrate to one so that they could easily be army buddies -- (the character party is comprised of one Australian, one Greek, one British who seems to have retconned to Irish, and two Russians) I had done individual preludes with each player so we could all get a feel for the character, and decided to use a group prelude to bring them all together as well as give them the shared history and for them to figure out how they would work together as a team so they would have an easier time fitting together as a team (rather than having to work it out) in the actual game.